10 Last-Minute Pumpkin Ideas!

With the witching hour just around the corner, here’s a few last-minute DIY pumpkin decorating ideas to get the creative juices flowing.  From faux pumpkins to the real thing, we have found a few more unique and creative pumpkin decorating projects that should inspire.  Above:  An awesome “no-carve” idea using melted crayons from The Swede Records.  Check out more amazement after the jump!

  • Gauzy Glow Pumpkin 1 of 9
    Gauzy Glow Pumpkin
    Mummify a Halloween pumpkin with strips of cheesecloth and glow-in-the-dark paint.
    Idea from
  • Embroidered Pumpkins 2 of 9
    Embroidered Pumpkins
  • Washi Tape 3 of 9
    Washi Tape
    Last year the folks at Real Simple thought up this idea and this year Eat Live Shop made her version.
  • Decoupage! 4 of 9
    One of my favourite from this year; from the folks at Country Living Magazine. Photo: Dana Gallagher.
  • Tacky? 5 of 9
    Could be, but still kind of fun if that's the look your going for!
    Pumpkins decorated with tacks from Madigan Made.
  • Forest Pumpkin Scene 6 of 9
    Forest Pumpkin Scene
    An adorable forest scene from Sweet Paul (Oct 10).
    Photo by Colin Cooke.
  • A Black Funkin 7 of 9
    A Black Funkin
    This one's painted with a flat black paint to get that dry effect.
    Sweet Paul Magazine, Photo by Linda Pugliese.
  • Glitter Pumpkin 8 of 9
    Glitter Pumpkin
    A little scary glam using black paint and german glass glitter.
    Sweet Paul Magazine, Photo by Linda Pugliese.
  • Argyle Pumpkins 9 of 9
    Argyle Pumpkins
    These are pretty cute. Pumpkins to look like an argyle sweater.
    From Max and Ellie.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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