10 Lovely Bicycles for Summer Riding!

Are you in the market for a new bicycle this summer? There are some beautiful bikes out there right now but it’s important to find a bicycle with the right fit for your body and the right features for your lifestyle. I’ve gathered up some of my favorite options which include city bikes and country bikes and even a bike designed just for women! All the bikes are pretty to look at, too. Take a peek, after the jump!

  • Classic Dutch 1 of 10
    Classic Dutch
    This classic Dutch, 3 speed bike is available in three frame sizes. It features a mid-century bell design, a rack on the back, and genuine leather handles.
    Find a dealer at
  • Pashley Britannia 2 of 10
    Pashley Britannia
    A classic English bicycle, the Pashley Britannia is handmade in their Stratford-upon-Avon factory.
    $1,295.00 Adeline Adeline.
  • Sweet Pea Bikes 3 of 10
    Sweet Pea Bikes
    Sweet Pea bicycles are custom designed for each client and especially made for women so each bike fits it's customer to a T!
    Contact Sweet Pea Bicycles.
  • PUBLIC M8 4 of 10
    This eight speed bicycle is made by Public. They claim it will perform well, even up steep hills, like those in San Francisco, where Public is based.
    $845 Public.
  • Pelago Antwerp 5 of 10
    Pelago Antwerp
    Made by Pelago, in Finland, this three speed includes a Brooks seat, basket and LED light.
    775.00 € Pelago.
  • Loring by Civia 6 of 10
    Loring by Civia
    This bicycle features a bamboo rack, great for carrying produce home from the market. It also has the option of bamboo fenders.
    $1295 Civia Cycles.
  • Granturismo Uomo by ABICI 7 of 10
    Granturismo Uomo by ABICI
    This Italian bicycle is available in the most delicious colors including violet, mustard and aqua!
    € 650.00 ABICI.
  • Classic Schwinn 8 of 10
    Classic Schwinn
    This classic Schwinn has been updated for urban riding and includes a super comfortable seat!
    $550 Schwinn.
  • Wren Bicycle 9 of 10
    Wren Bicycle
    Made in England, this Wren bicycle, has a compact frame which makes it perfect for city riding.
    $1,150 Adeline Adeline.
  • Cargo Bike 10 of 10
    Cargo Bike
    There are no excuses with this bicycle! You can fit everything you need in the trailer.
    $3399.00 JC Lind.

Top photos: Adeline Adeline (1,4), ABICI, Linus.

Chelsea Fuss is a blogger and prop stylist based in Portland who blogs daily at Frolic!

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