10 Most Bizarre Beauty Trends

Last year I rounded up the most bizarre beauty trends of 2011 — including press-on lip tattoos, fake eyeliner, and hair feathers — but the trends keep getting weirder.

Here are some of the strangest beauty products and services getting some buzz right now:

  • Toe-besity Plastic Surgery 1 of 10
    Toe-besity Plastic Surgery
    The Huffington Post reported that elective toe reshaping is the newest plastic surgery fad — and most certainly the most bizarre.

    Photo: Flickr/Cin
  • Bird Poop Facials 2 of 10
    Bird Poop Facials
    A couple of weeks ago,
    The New York Times featured a New York City facial with a special skin-brightening ingredient: bird poop. And that's just one of the many animal-secretion beauty products that women are trying...
  • Earthworm Poop Face Cream 3 of 10
    Earthworm Poop Face Cream
    One of the products mentioned in the article is this Wrinkle Butter ($26.99) made with earthworm poop. The idea is that because earthworm poop energizes the stem-cells of plants for an anti-aging effect, the same can be done for your skin.
  • Synthetic Snake Venom 4 of 10
    Synthetic Snake Venom
    Celebrities have been outspoken about the Botox-like effects of snake venom facials. But for those who would rather not deal with poison, Sonya Dakar came out with a line of anti-aging products that include "synake" — which is a synthetic agent that replicates the snake venom effects.

    Sonya Dakar's newest release is the MicroVenom Daily Defense SPF30, which uses synthetic snake venom that "temporarily inhibit[s] muscle activity."
  • Masque*ology Cell Renewal Masque 5 of 10
    Masque*ology Cell Renewal Masque
    The newest animal-excretion beauty product just hit Sephora shelves, and it's an anti-aging mask made with snail secretions.
    Buy from Sephora, $24.
  • Velvet Nails 6 of 10
    Velvet Nails
    The newest nail art trend is this two-step "velvet manicure." Nail enthusiasts recently started trying this trend by layering their craft store's flocking powder on top of wet nails for a fuzzy, furry, textured look. But now you can get the look in one complete kit from Ciaté.

    See what it looks like close-up from W Magazine.

    Buy from Sephora, $19
  • Caviar Nails 7 of 10
    Caviar Nails
    Not too long before Velvet Nails hit shelves, Ciaté made a splash in the US beauty scene with their 3-D textured "caviar" nail polish.
    Buy from Sephora, $25
  • Rainbow Hued Hair 8 of 10
    Rainbow Hued Hair
    Celebrities like Demi Lovato and Katy Perry (along with every other young starlet) is rocking bright rainbow-hued hair this year. Get the same look without the commitment with the new salon-available Eufora Color Streak hair spray.
  • …For Your Dog 9 of 10
    ...For Your Dog
    It's not only celebrity hair that's multi-colored, but their dogs. This trend has been seen on Alessandra Ambrosia, Aubrey O'Day, and JWOWW.
    Photo: via Orange Hair Dye
  • FatGirlSixPack 10 of 10
    This brand new tummy-toning gel uses ingredients like caffeine, amino acids, creatine, and latex-rich manikara tree extract to tone your abs. Although I'm (very) skeptical, the reviews so far have been pretty good.
    Buy from Sephora, $38

Would you try any of these beauty trends?

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