10 Must-Have Summer Skirts This Season

When it’s hot out during summer months I live in skirts. Most aren’t as versatile as the usual jeans and t-shirt routine so a few staple options are key to a summer waredrobe. We’ve collected 10 of  our very favorites. It’s not summer without them!

  • Floral Printed Mini Skirt 1 of 10
    Floral Printed Mini Skirt
    This colorful, floral skirt just screams summer
  • Black and White Bold Print Skirt 2 of 10
    Black and White Bold Print Skirt
    This bold geometric pattern is super stylish and a whole lot of fun
  • Scribble Dot Skirt 3 of 10
    Scribble Dot Skirt
    Subtle polka dots make this skirt timeless
  • Dip Dye Skirt 4 of 10
    Dip Dye Skirt
    Dip dyes are super trendy right now and the colors are perfectly summer
  • Linen Skirt 5 of 10
    Linen Skirt
    What a classic skirt, you could dress it up or down for practically every occasion
  • Skate Key Skirt 6 of 10
    Skate Key Skirt
    Loving this casual and bright red number for picnics and walks in the park
  • Bright Blue Swoon Skirt 7 of 10
    Bright Blue Swoon Skirt
    What a gorgeous color in a lightweight summer skirt
  • Maxi Skirt 8 of 10
    Maxi Skirt
    Maxi skirts are hot right now and this version is timeless
  • White Dorie Skirt 9 of 10
    White Dorie Skirt
    It's not summer without a casual white skirt for the beach or bbqs
  • Bright Belted Woven Skirt 10 of 10
    Bright Belted Woven Skirt
    Ooh! Everyone needs a hot skirt for a date night with your love



Floral Printed Mini Skirt at Zara $29.99

Black and White bold print skirt at Ruche $36.99

Scribble Dot Skirt at Madewell $69.90

Dip Dye Skirt at Loft $23

Linen Skirt at Zara $19.99

Skate Key Skirt at ModCloth $44.99

Bright Blue Swoon Skirt at J.Crew $49.99

Maxi skirt at Zara $49.99

White Dorie Skirt at J.Crew $59.50

Bright Belted woven skirt at Forever21 $19.90

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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