10 Must-Haves for Hipster Babies

Yeah, you read Infinite Jest, but frankly, you preferred Goodnight Moon. Arcade Fire’s pretty cool, but you’re more of a Raffi fan, really. You just finished your first site-specific performance where you cried in your crib for five hours straight (you call it “Encaged”), and while you don’t wanna brag, your fixed-gear stroller is pretty cool. There’s no doubt about it: you’re a hipster baby. We get it, and we’ve sorted through the sea of childish frills (you’re so over them) to bring you the essentials. —Rachel Sugar

  • Screen-Printed Gear 1 of 10
    Screen-Printed Gear
    Didn't you hear? Screen-printing is the new finger-painting. You didn't actually make these yourself — napping is, like, super time-consuming — but you're all about these nostalgic onesies.
    Get them at Fluffyco and Black Wagon, $28
  • Vintage-Inspired Dresses 2 of 10
    Vintage-Inspired Dresses
    Ever since you fell asleep that one time at the She & Him show, you've been obsessed with Zooey Deschanel's thrift-store-chic style (plus, she's a vegan, which you're totally going to do, too —
    just as soon you finish nursing).
    Get it at Flora and Henri, $142-$146
  • Local Pride Onesies 3 of 10
    Local Pride Onesies
    You just can't imagine leaving the big city. I mean, do they even have Gymboree in the 'burbs? These onesies are perfect for kickin' it around the ‘hood, soaking up the local flavor while mommy and daddy debate brunch options.
    Get it from egg-a-go-go at, $18
  • Keffiyehs 4 of 10
    You've literally been drooling over these scarves since you saw one in the window of Urban Outfitters. They're just so much more "with-it" than your lame kiddie bib, you know?
    Get it from Omalillo at, $23
  • Tom’s Shoes 5 of 10
    Tom's Shoes
    Just ducking out for a late-night six-pack of Similac, no big thing. Shoes don't get more low-key than Tom's, which is awesome — you don't have the fine-motor skills for laces yet anyway.
    Get them from Tom's, $29
  • Tube Socks 6 of 10
    Tube Socks
    Rubik's cubes. My Little Pony. The Love Boat. Well, sure, you didn't exist then, but man, the '80s were probably rad. Get some serious stroller-cred with a four-pack of striped tube socks, and everyone'll know you were born into the wrong decade.
    Get them at Hank and Jojo, $32
  • Skinny Jeans 7 of 10
    Skinny Jeans
    Who says extra-tight denim isn't diaper-flattering? That warehouse concert may be 21+, but tapered legwear is open to all ages.
    Get them at Old Navy, $16.94
  • Ironic Tattoos 8 of 10
    Ironic Tattoos
    Just 'cause it's a little early to make a life-long graphic commitment (save that for freshman year at Sarah Lawrence) doesn't mean you can't "experiment." These tats were made for kids and they're vegan-friendly. We're partial to the bunny — deers and owls are so … newborn.
    Get them at Tattly, $5 for 2
  • Hoodies 9 of 10
    Rolled outta your crib after a night of hard-core teething? Toss a hoodie over yesterday's onesie and nobody at Mommy and Me ever has to know.
    Get it at American Apparel, $16
  • Wayfarer Sunglasses 10 of 10
    Wayfarer Sunglasses
    Eye contact with strangers is totally awkward, especially when they're making goo-goo-ga-ga faces at you, and you're all, "Dude, I just wanna nap, you know?" Enter baby Wayfarers. Problem solved.
    Get them at, $1.50


Image: Andrea Sz

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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