10 New Years Tips to Make Your House a Haven

10 tips for making your house a haven from

With the bustle of the holidays winding down, this is always the time of year that I turn to tiding up, decluttering and freshening up my apartment to help make it feel super cozy for the winter months. Because, let’s face it, we all know we’re going to be spending a lot more time inside between now and spring. And besides, don’t we all love to start the New Year with a clean slate? I know I do! With that said, making my house feel peaceful and restorative is really important to me. (Especially because I work full time from home, too!) Ready to cozy up and get nesting in 2013? Well grab a cup of coffee and get ready to be inspired — here are 10 tips for making your house a haven!

  • Make the Bed 1 of 10
    Make the Bed
    It's a proven fact that coming home to a bed that is neatly made is instantly calming, so start each day by quickly tidying up the blankets!
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  • Keep a Well Stocked Bar 2 of 10
    Keep a Well Stocked Bar
    Keeping a well stocked bar will make sure you (and any unexpected guests) always feel at home! If cocktails aren't your thing, make sure you always have your favorite bottle of wine, coffee or tea at the ready at all times so you can always enjoy that little indulgence.
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  • Light Candles 3 of 10
    Light Candles
    Keep candles around at all times and light them daily. The flicker of the light will make your home feel cozy and warm in the dark winter months.
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  • Tidy Up 4 of 10
    Tidy Up
    The proof is in the pudding when it comes to clutter - a cluttered space makes for a cluttered brain! To avoid becoming overwhelmed, take a moment before leaving a room to quickly tidy it back up to it's "start" position and you'll never feel like the mail or the piles of dishes or discarded shoes are taking over your life.
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  • Boast Your Favorite Colors 5 of 10
    Boast Your Favorite Colors
    If you have a color you love, make sure to work it into your decor! It could be as simple as painting old chairs a fresh shade of aqua or giving your coffee table a burst of sunshine yellow.
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  • Showcase Favorite Memories 6 of 10
    Showcase Favorite Memories
    One of the best parts of making memories is reliving them again! Find ways to work photos and little mementos like movie ticket stubs into your decor so you can revisit them time and again.
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  • Play Music 7 of 10
    Play Music
    Surround yourself with music and play it often! It could be vintage vinyls or an iPod dock in the kitchen, but music makes even housework feel more like fun! Or try turning off the tv and listening to your favorite tunes while reading a magazine for a change.
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  • Load Up on Linens 8 of 10
    Load Up on Linens
    Linens and textiles make every space instantly more appealing! Load up on nice sheets, fluffy throw blankets, cozy quilts, toss pillows and scatter rugs. Your home has never looked so warm and inviting!
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  • Show Off Your Favorite Things 9 of 10
    Show Off Your Favorite Things
    Whether it be your collection of red coffee mugs, an assortment of printed tea towels, or even your jewelry box full of necklaces, find ways to show off your favorite things! It will make you smile everyday to have them out where you can see them.
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  • Fill the Bookshelves 10 of 10
    Fill the Bookshelves
    Books have a way of naturally creating a cozy environment. Stock up on ones that make you smile and fill the bookshelves! I've been finding great deals on used books lately at my local Goodwill for as little as $0.99 each.
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