10 of the Prettiest Toddler Toys I Would Love to Play With

I’ll admit it. Sometimes I think about buying toys for my little guy because secretly I want to play with them. Can you blame me? There are so many fun and creative options out there. Here are 10 toys I would totally play with. Whether you have a toddler or not, these toys are awesome. No matter how old you are, have fun!

  • City in a Bag 1 of 10
    City in a Bag
    Pretty wood blocks in the shape of famous cities. I would create a "trip around the world" with all of the sets!
    Get them here for $15.95 at Muji
  • Alphabet Blocks 2 of 10
    Alphabet Blocks
    I really like how modern and colorful these blocks are.
    Buy them here for $34 at Uncommon Goods
  • 3-D Rug Playhouse 3 of 10
    3-D Rug Playhouse
    How adorable is this playhouse rug? Seriously hours of fun.
    Buy it here for $150 at Uncommon Goods
  • Sweet Kitchen 4 of 10
    Sweet Kitchen
    I love this kitchen and have considered buying it several times! Gender neutral and wood. Perfection!
    Buy one here for $121 on Amazon
  • Geometric Puzzle Blocks 5 of 10
    Geometric Puzzle Blocks
    Make the shapes on the puzzles provided or come up with your own. A pretty way to spark creativity.
    Buy them here for $9.66 on Amazon
  • Bristle Blocks 6 of 10
    Bristle Blocks
    We actually have these and I have played with them many times. You can make pretty much anything from a rocket to a hairbrush!
    Buy them here for $29 at Target
  • Bilibo 7 of 10
    These look so interesting and creative. Pretend to be a turtle, or go spinning around the room.
    Buy yours here for $25 on Amazon
  • Pop Beads 8 of 10
    Pop Beads
    I've seen pop beads before but none this pretty! I can imagine playing with these to create a necklace that I might actually wear.
    Buy them here for $17.49 at Target
  • Balancing Cactus 9 of 10
    Balancing Cactus
    I am not the most coordinated person in the world, but I love the challenge! A balancing cactus game might be the perfect toy for me.
    Buy one here for $18.99 on Amazon
  • Magnetic Blocks 10 of 10
    Magnetic Blocks
    Beautifully tinted blocks that are also magnetic. Build a house, or "block henge" these would be a staple in the diaper bag for sure.
    Buy them here for $110 from Bella Luna Toys


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