10 Potty Training Must-Haves



If you’re embarking down the road of potty training, kids take different routes to get to the same place — some faster, some slower, some with more obstacles to climb. Yet the necessary equipment is largely the same.

Take a look at these 10 products that you might want to consider buying to make your potty training transition easier:

  • Somewhere to Pee 1 of 10
    Somewhere to Pee
    There are tons of potty seat varieties to choose from, but check out the link below for our absolute favorites of the year.
  • Potty Hook 2 of 10
    Potty Hook
    If you opt out of the small plastic potties smeared with poop and head straight for the potty ring, where do you store it? On this smart potty hook, of course.
  • Little Looster 3 of 10
    Little Looster
    One benefit of small potty seats is that toddlers can brace their feet on the floor while pooping. The Little Looster makes it easy for kids to climb up and sit on the potty, as well as brace down. Pretty genius, no?
  • A Spot for Books 4 of 10
    A Spot for Books
    Keeping potty book nearby helps kids get into a "potty time" routine, plus gives them something to do while sitting and waiting.
  • A Potty Chart 5 of 10
    A Potty Chart
    Whatever kind of reward system you use, having a visual representation of their accomplishments can really help. Isn't this potty training chart by Jacinda of Prudent Baby so adorable? You can even click below for step-by-step instructions and printable files.
  • Faucet Extender 6 of 10
    Faucet Extender
    Once it's time to wash up, a faucet extender like this is especially helpful for little guys who can't reach the water just yet.
  • Step stool 7 of 10
    Step stool
    And to reach the faucet, you'll need a step stool! This one from IKEA is only $3.99.
  • Potty-Specific Books 8 of 10
    Potty-Specific Books
    Besides having some books to keep your toilet trainer entertained, having some potty-related books can help explain and normalize the new transition.
  • Absorbable Underwear 9 of 10
    Absorbable Underwear
    If you aren't into disposable pull-ups, these 100% organic cotton training pants from Giggle ($12) are slightly more absorbent than your average big-kid underwear.
  • Carpet Cleaner 10 of 10
    Carpet Cleaner know. (Bissell Little Green ProHeat, $99.)

Click below for links to buy:

1. Babble Best Potty Seats 2011

2. Potty Hook via One Step Ahead ($6.95)

3. Little Looster via Amazon ($34.99)

4. photo via Montessori ici

5. Potty Chart instructions via Prudent Baby

6. Aqueduck Faucet Extender via Amazon ($12.99)

7. Step stool via IKEA ($3.99)

8. Everyone Poops via Amazon ($7.95)

9. Training Pants via Giggle

10. Bissel Little Green ProHeat

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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