10 Sexy Costumes for Girls: Cute or Controversial?


A few days ago, Sunny over at Strollerderby pleaded for society to stop making childhood sexy for little girls. Dolls, cartoons — and, yes, costumes — have been getting progressively sexier as the years go on. Maybe we’re a whole bunch of prude-ish over-thinkers, but I think there’s a line. And for me, these 10 costumes crossed it.

What do you think? Are we overreacting?

  • Sequin Disco Dress 1 of 10
    Complete with fishnets and pumps, naturally.
  • Girls Wine and Gold Lacey Luxe Pirate Costume 2 of 10
    Are corsets and knee-high heels necessary on preteens?
  • Anything Monster High 3 of 10
    We complain that the dolls are overly sexualized, and then we dress up our daughters like them?
  • Anything Bratz 4 of 10
    Putting Monster High to shame, in my opinion.
  • Teen Girls Cupcake Girl Costume 5 of 10
    I wouldn't even take a second look if this were for college students, but this is found in the KIDS section.
  • Teen Girls Little Red Riding Hood Costume 6 of 10
    Again, found in the children's section.
  • Teen Girls Firefighter Costume 7 of 10
  • Sassy School Girl Costume 8 of 10
    Because this is in the children's section, they have to say "sassy" instead of "sexy." But, you know...
  • Leopard Diva Child Costume 9 of 10
  • Little Bo Peep Child Costume 10 of 10
    Remember when Little Bo Peep wore an ankle-length, ruffly dress? Now the hem is hiked and a corset is added.

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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