10 Spring Nail Trends For 2013

10 Spring Nail Trends For 2013 via Babble

Nail polish is the hottest accessory right now! If you are in desperate need of a change in 2013, why not make a statement with your nails! From edgy to pale to the not so perfect half moon-These are seen all over the runways! We have found 10 Spring Nail Trends for 2013, that we know you you will love!

  • Pale Nails 1 of 10
    Pale Nails
    A great minimalist trend that will go with any outfit!
    Image Credit: Harpers Bazaar
  • Diagonal Pop of Color 2 of 10
    Diagonal Pop of Color
    To get this look all you have to do is- place a piece of tape diagonally across the tip and paint your nails in a bright hue!
    Image Credit: Glamour
  • Edgy Elements 3 of 10
    Edgy Elements
    Play around with dark and dangerous themes. To get this look, create a a shark-bite jagged edge.
    Image Credit: Harpers Bazaar
  • The Dark Side 4 of 10
    The Dark Side
    To create this look you can try shades of dark gray to navy and purple.
    Image Credit: Harpers Bazaar
  • Flashes of Metallics 5 of 10
    Flashes of Metallics
    Gold, silver or cooper make a great look for day or night!
    Image Credit: Harpers Bazaar
  • Glitter-Dipped Tips 6 of 10
    Glitter-Dipped Tips
    If you are a glitter fan then definitely paint the tips of your nails with glitter. Make sure you finish off your nails with another layer of topcoat so your shimmer flecks won't snag your clothes!
    Image Credit: Glamour
  • The Blood Manicure 7 of 10
    The Blood Manicure
    Create this look by dipping a fine-tip striper brush into a blood-red polish—then allow to splash down onto the nail.
    Image Credit: Harpers Bazaar
  • 80s Vibe 8 of 10
    80s Vibe
    This look is very fun- add a glossy black stripe to get this 80's vibe!
    Image Credit: Glamour
  • Matte-Shiny French Mani 9 of 10
    Matte-Shiny French Mani
    Love this idea! It's a fresh take on the traditional French manicure. Create this look by layering a slightly darker matte pink shade on top of a glossy one.
    Image Credit: Harpers Bazaar
  • Two Tone Manicure 10 of 10
    Two Tone Manicure
    Bold without being too over the top, this two tone polish effect will look great on your nails!
    Image Credit: Harpers Bazaar


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