10 Summer String Light Ideas

There are few things more important to a home than good lighting. With summer just starting, there are all kinds of ways to use string lights to spread a warm glow both inside and outside of your house!

  • 10 Summer String Light Ideas 1 of 11

    Summer is the perfect time to create some new and unique lighting projects for your home!

  • DIY Mason Jar String Lights 2 of 11

    This project uses mason jars to create a warm glow from each jar - all you need is some galvanized cable able to support the jars. It's both simple and beautiful!

    Learn more at Simply Bold.

  • Colorful Globe String Lights 3 of 11

    Turn some cheesecloth and fabric dye into a string of lights in any colors you want!

    Learn more at BuzzFeed DIY.

  • Party Hats to String Lights 4 of 11

    These upcycled party hats make a perfect string light project! I love the idea of recycling old holiday string lights and turning them into decorations that can be used year-round!

    Learn more at Crème de la Craft.

  • Twine Ball Light Garland 5 of 11

    If you prefer to take full creative control over your projects, this twine ball garland is fully customizable and, with the right colors, is a perfect addition to any room!

    Learn more at Pocketful of Dreams.

  • Paper Cube String Lights 6 of 11

    These geometric glowing paper cubes look gorgeous and provide perfect pockets of light in any space of your home that may need it!

    Learn more at Wit & Whistle.

  • Egg Carton Flower Lights 7 of 11

    Upcycle old egg cartons into these gorgeous flower fairy lights. All you need are scissors!

    Learn more at Esprit Cabane.

  • Outdoor Italian String Lights 8 of 11

    You can always use your string lights the traditional Italian way by lighting up your outdoor patio and backyard.

    Learn more at The Comforts of Home.

  • Criss-Crossed Bedroom String Lighting 9 of 11

    String lights also look perfect in any bedroom, dorm room, or even living room! You can place any of these projects into your living space to create unique lighting combinations.

    Learn more at Houzz.

  • Wedding String Light Fixture 10 of 11

    I also love this majestic wedding light fixture. Though it may be a little over-the-top for everyday decor, it's perfect for special events and parties!

    See more at Apple Brides.

  • Painted Paper Cup Light Garland 11 of 11

    A testament to the fact that not every project has to be expensive or too complicated, these painted paper cup lights are an easy project you can create with your kids - you can even create them during a party to make a unique light fixture that everyone contributes to!

    Learn more at Aunt Peaches.

What are your great lighting ideas this summer?

Share your ideas in the comments!


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