10 Things All New Moms Should Have in her Wardrobe

Navigating the style department post-baby can be a frustrating process — especially because your daily fashion needs have likely changed. Drastically.

So I put together a little video discussing 10 must-have items that every new mom should own:

And here a quick wrap-up if you got tired of watching me babble on:

1. Mid-rise jeans.

See why I think these are the holy grail of “mom jeans.”

2. Jeans with stretch.

You need flexibility now more than ever!

3. The jegging.

Yep, I said it.

4. Nursing-friendly clothes.

And you don’t have to buy them from the maternity section.

5. Tank tops.

Beyond nursing tanks (which are a must for breastfeeding moms), all moms could use some tanks under her low-cut shirts now — what will all of the bending over and such.

6. Open cardigans.

Perfect for covering up spit-up and food stains — not to mention they’re a must-have for school-aged moms. Just throw one over your PJ tank top and you’ll look like you got dressed before school drop0ff.

7. Swing tops/swing dresses

Easy, easy, easy.

8. Leggings

You’ll be much more comfortable wearing skirts and dresses with little kids around. Trust me.

9. Scarves

Cover up any breast leakage in those early months, not to mention the stains that come along with new motherhood. Scarves are a nice distraction that pulls an outfit together.

10. Chewbeads

Chewing-friendly necklaces made from 100% silicone, but they look so stylish. See them all at


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