10 Things for a Perfect Night at the Beach

If you live near a beach, whether it’s at an ocean or a lake, you know how great summer nights by the water can be. Splashing in the water, playing games on the sand, cooking over the fire — there’s so much to do.  These gear essentials will make sure you’ve got what you need to enjoy your evening.

  • Hudson Bay Blanket 1 of 10
    Hudson Bay Blanket
    A cozy blanket to spread out for lounging or wrap around your shoulders to keep the chill away is a must. This classic Hudson Bay blanket would be perfect.
    Purchase from Etsy for $110
  • Stripe Linen Sweater 2 of 10
    Stripe Linen Sweater
    A beachy linen sweater is just the thing after the sun goes down.
    Purchase from J.Crew for $85
  • Sunglasses 3 of 10
    You can't go to the beach without shades.
    Purchase from Amazon for $95 - $178
  • Toasting Forks 4 of 10
    Toasting Forks
    These telescoping toasting forks are just what you need when it's time to pull out the marshmallows.
    Purchase from Coleman for $7
  • Vintage Cooler 5 of 10
    Vintage Cooler
    Make sure to bring a cooler to keep your soda and dinner cool while you spend the afternoon playing. (Tip: There are a lot of cute vintage coolers in thrift stores and on eBay!)
    Purchase from Ebay for $46
  • Beach Games 6 of 10
    Beach Games
    Bocce is my favorite beach game. It's perfect for all ages and an easy going game.
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  • Disposable Plates 7 of 10
    Disposable Plates
    Wasara makes the best looking disposable dishes you've ever seen. They're perfect for making a simple beach meal feel like a special party.
    Purchase from Joanne Hudson in packs of 100 for $108
  • A Lightweight Scarf 8 of 10
    A Lightweight Scarf
    Make sure to take a scarf in case it gets chilly. You don't want to have to call the night early because you're cold!
    Purchase from Etsy for $18
  • Light ‘n Go Log 9 of 10
    Light 'n Go Log
    This is the most brilliant product, an never-fail way to start your bonfire.
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  • Portable Grill 10 of 10
    Portable Grill
    This little grill collapses into a single cylinder, just in case there aren't any grills at your beach of choice.
    Purchase at Go Fast and Light for $23.25


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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