10 Things New Moms Can’t Wear Anymore


I’m all for moms looking and feeling fashionable, and for retaining their sense of style. I don’t think that having a baby means we should all resort to conservative button-ups, knee-length skirts, and yoga pants.

Not even a little bit.

But — if we’re being honest — there are just certain things that new moms can’t wear anymore. At least not in the middle of mommy-ing.

Here are 10 things that are difficult for moms to wear. Do you agree?:

  • Low-Rise Jeans 1 of 10
    Low-Rise Jeans
    ...unless you don't mind exposing yourself at play group, your in-laws' house, the grocery store — anywhere you have to bend and crouch. (read: everywhere, with a baby.)
    Enter: the Holy Grail of Mom Jeans.
    Photo: Forever21
  • Light-colored Pants/Skirts 2 of 10
    Light-colored Pants/Skirts
    ...unless you want globs of mushed carrot smeared on your backside. (You asked for it.)
    Also see: The 8 Biggest Mistakes Moms Make When Buying New Jeans.
    Photo: Forever 21
  • Mini Skirts 3 of 10
    Mini Skirts
    ...unless you're looking to put on a show every time your baby drops her bottle.
    Photo: Forever 21
  • Dangling Earrings 4 of 10
    Dangling Earrings
    ...unless you'd like to enlarge your piercing hole in the most painful of ways. Fact: Anything dangly and shiny will be grabbed and pulled. Natural Law of Babyhood #46.
    Photo: Forever 21
  • Super High Heels 5 of 10
    Super High Heels
    Unless you can balance on two 6-inch stilettos while carrying a 15-pound baby in a 9-pound car seat, with a 10-pound diaper bag slung over one shoulder and a breast pump over the other, all while digging out your car keys and shuffling across a parking lot.
    Photo: Forever 21
  • Strapless Anything 6 of 10
    Strapless Anything
    ...unless you want your top pulled down in the middle of your Starbucks order.
    Photo: Forever 21
  • Dark Lipstick 7 of 10
    Dark Lipstick
    ...unless you want your baby's face (and arms, and belly, and feet) covered in dark-stained lip marks.
    Photo: Sephora
  • Jeans with No Stretch 8 of 10
    Jeans with No Stretch
    ...unless you want to hate life.
    Photo: A&F
  • Dry-Clean Only Clothes 9 of 10
    Dry-Clean Only Clothes
    ...unless you don't want to wear it. Ever.
    Photo: Macy's
  • Non-Breastfeeding Shirts 10 of 10
    Non-Breastfeeding Shirts
    ...unless you don't want to wear it. Ever. (Unless you're not breastfeeding, of course.)
    Photo: Forever 21

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