10 Things That Inspire Me with Bestselling Author Samantha Ettus

Samantha Ettus

Are you a working mom? Do you need incredible advice on how to balance it all? Drum roll please… Samantha Ettus is here to save the day! The voice of working moms everywhere gives unmatched advice as she shares her top 10 sources of inspiration with Babble readers.


Samantha Ettus

Samantha Ettus believes every working mom can live in a chaotic-free home. As a contributor to with the Personahood blog and through writings on her personal website, she gives you tips and tricks to get your train back on the tracks. She is passionate in her goal of helping others and her true love for people shines through the amazing advice she gives.


Samantha Ettus


10 Things That Inspire Me with Samantha Ettus

1. Baking with my kids. I love to bake and especially with my little sous chefs by my side. Ruby (4 years old) is great at cracking eggs and Ella (6 years old) likes to butter the pan. They love to bake anything with me. I am a big fan of everyone having at least one signature dish. Banana chocolate chip bread is ours.

2. My three drinks: occasional ultra-dirty martinis, a daily Starbucks Venti sugar-free vanilla no foam latte habit, and room temperature water all the time. I have somehow convinced my kids that drinking water will cure 90% of ailments and like me, they drink it all day long. I have water next to my bed all night, in the car, and I feel naked without a bottle in hand.

3. Sharpies. I use them for signing books, addressing invitations, and everything in-between. A rainbow of Sharpies makes me absurdly happy.

4. Bookstores. I love a bookstore the smell, the touch, the coziness, the hidden treasures. I don’t think it is possible to feel stress in a bookstore.

5. Jalapeño peppers. I add them to every possible sandwich combination, the spicier, the better. My favorite is cheese, avocado, and jalapeños.

6. An evening with my husband. Given the ages of our three young kids, alone time is so rare and so coveted. The early wake-ups require that our dates end by 11pm so dinner and a movie together is a fantasy.

7. Exclamation points! I am off-the-charts on the Myers-Brigg Test extrovert scale and it is hard for me to write an email without emphatically saying whatever it is I feel and think!

8. Holiday roaaaaddd. We love piling the whole family in the car and heading on an adventure. No DVDs instead we rely on stories, singing, games, and snacks. Our farthest trip was 12 hours but we do 2 – 4 hour trips all the time.

9. Raising strong girls. I am always looking for ways to build confident, strong girls. Sports, active lives, healthy body images, distance from the princess-obsessed; these are all part of my tool kit.

10. My locket. My career offers me the flexibility to spend tons of time with my kids but it also includes quite a bit of travel for speaking engagements. I always fly with this antique locket — a gift from my husband so that my family is close to my heart. I am obsessed with it!


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