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Girl's World by Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom

Today it’s our stop on the Chronicle Books Girl’s World Blog Tour, and we’re thrilled to be sharing the top 10 things that inspire author Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom. Well-loved by crafters for her vintage-inspired fabrics and sewing patterns, her latest book features 21 adorable sewing projects to make for little girls.


10 Things That Inspire Me: Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom

Sis Boom Girl's World by Jennifer Paganelli

1. I have salivated over vintage fabrics since I was a very young girl. I remember the wallpapers, draperies and fabrics of my youth. I try to saturate them with color and deliver them with a categorically new twist.

2. Vintage patterns from all decades go straight to my creative soul. The poses of the girls, the execution of the illustrations, the carefree nature of their covers and the fashion documented through the years… it’s all there.

3. Anything crepe paper or glittery brings out the child in me. I am a glitter girl! I love anything that sparkles. It jazzes, it excites, it speaks to the heart of playfulness within.

4. I love that long ago, someone decided that women needed to carry things in a beautiful way. I love the curvature, the composition and the embellishment—the architecture of a vintage handbag.

5. The incredible photography of Tim Geaney, the photographer of Girl’s World. He lights up the shoot, he knows what a girl needs and he captures the spirit of innocence. He is truly an extraordinary man!

6. Cheesy dog You Tube videos. Okay, so I’ve now revealed the inner workings of Jennifer Paganelli! I never saw a You Tube video about a dog that I didn’t love. This one, “Guilty Dog Denver” had me rolling on the floor in seconds.

7. I love Pantone color charts. OMG I have always loved these, but the real addiction here is I want to hold them, to have them, to own them and they can be costly! Now they have a wedding sample set with real fabric, and don’t think I haven’t fondled the ‘buy now’ button just trying to resist the urge!

8. Lonny mag, because I miss Domino so much. There is nothing like a great shelter magazine that gets the creative juices flowing. Admittedly, I look to others to see their impact on my psyche sometimes before I go to the studio. I love to see the other interpretations for the home decor market.

9. Pucci, an artist that lives within me. Not that my work is anything like his, but I think of him as an extraordinary colorist because anyone else doing swirls is not going to radiate emotion like that man can in cloth.

10. Everything wedding-related. I love, love a wedding. Maybe it is the emotional piece that evokes my creativity, or maybe it’s the sentiment we want to capture with our own unique following. I’m mad for it all—the flowers, the dresses, the decorations, the feel, the photography, the secrets, the treasures, the love.

Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!

See Jennifer’s beautiful fabrics and patterns at Sis Boom!  Her latest book Girl’s World: 21 Sewing Projects to Make for Little Girls is available now for $24.95 at Chronicle Books.

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