10 Things to Consider Before Moving into a New Home

I’m in the process of moving into a new home with my husband and two young children. We’re excited, but of course we’re also, well, exhausted. After all, this moving business is hard work! If you’re in the same boat as us, you will love what I’ve got in store. To help make your move a bit less arduous, here are 10 tips for moving into a new home!

  • Consider this. 1 of 11

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  • Time it right. 2 of 11

    Summer is the busiest time of year for moving. Families with kids prefer to move when school is not in session, and in climates where winter snow and ice make things difficult (oh, how I know the difficulty of moving during the dead of the winter in Chicago), the summer weather can be appealing. There's typically a lot of housing inventory on the market in the summer, but know that prices are usually at their highest.

  • Pare down. 3 of 11

    You know how you regularly pare down your wardrobe? (If you don't, you should.) Think of moving as a really good reason to weed out all the stuff you're not in love with and can do without. This goes for clothes as well as furniture, by the way! Don't get trapped in the mindset of thinking you should hold on to it because you might find a use for it later. It's going to cost time and money (or a lot of good will from your friends if they're the ones helping you) to lug it to the new place. Sell it off or donate it when in doubt.

  • Start packing early. 4 of 11

    While it is a good idea to pare down, there are still plenty of things we all tend to keep in our homes that we don't actually use all that often. Save yourself from the last-minute rush (at least somewhat), and get a jump on things by starting to pack up those seldom-used items right away.

  • Gather estimates from movers. 5 of 11

    Speaking of all that time and money that comes along with any move, if you're going to use a moving company, gather your estimates as soon as you can. Schedules can fill up quickly, and everybody is usually clamoring for the same spots right at the beginning and end of each month.

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  • Box it up. 6 of 11

    Get a delivery? Save that box. You can buy boxes — either from a moving company, storage rental place, or from a big box hardware store (no pun intended), but it will cost you.

    Start saving newspapers like a hoarder, so you can use them as packing material. And if you're a reader like me, plan on lots of small boxes. Nobody wants to lift large heavy boxes all day, and those books add up!

  • Just eat it. 7 of 11

    Don't buy perishables too close to your moving date. Who wants to throw out a full fridge and freezer full of food? Unless you're only moving a short distance, emptying your fridge, packing it up, transporting, and then putting everything away in the new fridge leaves food in 'the danger zone' for too long. Better to use up what you can, and plan on replacing everything anew.

  • Manage that money, honey. 8 of 11

    Don't open any new lines of credit or allow any inquiries into your credit if you're thinking about moving soon, and now is not the time to transfer money all over the place (between checking and savings, and wherever else). Leave things be, or you're going to make more paperwork for yourself down the road. Lenders have cracked down, and the loan process is much stricter than it had been in prior years.

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  • Alert the media! 9 of 11

    Well, your friends and family at least. Either plan for an email blast or order moving announcements to mail out. And be sure to take care of the paperwork with the post office to have your mail redirected to the new place a couple of weeks in advance. You can pick up a form, or fill it out online.

  • Prepare the kids. 10 of 11

    Moving can be confusing for little ones. We've been talking about the new house a lot with our kids ("all of your clothes and all of your toys are coming with us"), but they still have a lot of questions. Try reading a book about moving — that has comforted our kids and reassured them. We've really liked The Berenstain Bears' Moving Day.

  • Plan for your pets. 11 of 11

    We have a dog (that's him, Murray, in the photo), and we have cats. We also have three weeks of time in between houses, and so we've had to plan accordingly. Don't put this one off because if you need to arrange for boarding, you'll need to make sure your pets are current with all of their shots. You may want to plan for boarding on just the day of your move — even if you don't need it on a long-term basis.

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