10 Things to Put in Easter Eggs That Arent Candy

We encounter the same dilemma every Easter: Should I be loading my kids up with candies and treats? Is it possible to hold a successful Easter Egg Hunt without little sugary rewards? We won’t pretend to know the answers to these questions, but we do know that there are many alternatives to candy. Try filling your kids’ Easter eggs with little treasures like lip gloss or plastic army men instead of jelly beans. Here is a list of 10 of our favorite things to put in Easter eggs that you’ll kids will love more than sugar. Keep reading to see more!

  • Mini Rubber Stamps 1 of 9
    Mini Rubber Stamps
    Aren't these the coolest rubber stamps? You may enjoy playing with these more than your kids will.
    Buy them here at Etsy for $7
  • Floral Scrunchie 2 of 9
    Floral Scrunchie
    A mini floral scrunchie would make the perfect Easter day accessory.
    Buy it here at Etsy for $10
  • Mini Erasers 3 of 9
    Mini Erasers
    Aren't these the most adorable mini erasers? Find your favorites at your local craft or supply store.
    See them here at A Fabulous Fete
  • Plastic Figurines 4 of 9
    Plastic Figurines
    Forget bunny-shaped marshmellows. Fill your kids' Easter eggs with colorful plastic animals, astronauts, and army men!
    Buy them here at Etsy for $12
  • Homemade Playdough 5 of 9
    Homemade Playdough
    Make your own tiny balls of playdough to stick in your kids' Easter eggs.
    See the full tutorial here at Minie Co
  • Toy Cars 6 of 9
    Toy Cars
    Goodbye chocolate malt balls! These tiny toy cars are the perfect surprise to hide in an Easter egg.
    Buy it here at Etsy for $12
  • Friendship Bracelets 7 of 9
    Friendship Bracelets
    I don't know about you, but my childhood was spent braiding sweet friendship bracelets for my friends. Stick two of them in an Easter egg!
    Buy them here at Etsy for $35
  • Tiny Plastic Critters 8 of 9
    Tiny Plastic Critters
    Who says jelly worms are better than plastic bugs? These creepy-crawlies could make for the perfect pranks.
    Buy them here at Etsy for $3
  • Lip Gloss 9 of 9
    Lip Gloss
    What little girl wouldn't love bright sparkly lip gloss? Guaranteed, it's better than candy.
    Buy it here at Etsy for $5.50


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