10 Things Your Man Doesn’t Want to Hear During Home Improvement Projects

Ladies, let me start off by saying that this post was most certainly not my idea.

My husband and I have been the proud owners of two homes in the 14 years we’ve been married and in that time there’s been a lot of loving, a lot of fighting, a lot of home improvement, and a lot of fighting about home improvement. But thankfully despite our share of DIY misses, we’ve made it through the other side with the ability to laugh about it.

It is with good humor that Big Daddy P takes the blogging reins on this post to tell us how he really feels on behalf of handy husbands and partners everywhere.


  • Home Improvement: The "What *Not* to Say" edition 1 of 11

    Without further ado, let's take a look at the 10 things your man apparently doesn't want to hear during home improvement projects.

  • Maybe we should hire a guy 2 of 11

    Variations include:

    • Let's get this done right the first time.
    • Not every project is a DIY.
    • You don't have the tools/time to do this.

    I get that you want to hire a guy because the work might get done faster or perhaps even better, but hiring a guy costs time and money. Before I hire a professional, I'll need at least three quotes to make sure we're not getting ripped off, call references, and then be there to oversee the work. I might as well do the work myself for a fraction of the cost and learn a few things in the process. You don't need to hire a guy; you have a guy - in me.


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  • Are you *sure* you know what you’re doing? 3 of 11

    Variations include:

    • Maybe you should have [insert name] help you.
    • Who taught you how to do this?
    • So-and-so's husband tried this and he wished he hadn't.
    • Have you ever done anything like this before?

    Am I sure I know what I'm doing? Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes the answer is no, but no matter what the answer is, we ask that you have a little faith in our ability to try and our willingness to learn.


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  • That’s not finished…is it? 4 of 11

    Variations include:

    • Is it...done?
    • This is it?
    • It's not too late to make changes, is it?

    Ouch. If we present the project as done, then it's done.


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  • Don’t mess it up! 5 of 11

    Variations include:

    • What if you mess it up?
    • Will it be expensive to fix if you screw up?
    • really careful.

    Thanks for the sound reminder, but messing up is never actually part of the plan.


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  • That’s not the way it looks… 6 of 11
    shutterstock_121440349 so-and-so's house/the magazines/online.

    There may be legitimate reasons why, such as:

    • Having to make modifications to the design to work with our home
    • My not being a professional contractor
    • Unclear specifications
    • Using different materials and tools for cost efficiency


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  • What if we… 7 of 11
    shutterstock_51231865 XYZ instead? (And by "we" you mean me.)


    I hate to say it, but most of the time the changes you want to make come way too late in the game. Either we start over or continue with the original plan.


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  • But you don’t know how to do that! 8 of 11

    Maybe I do. Maybe I don't. Maybe I just want to try. Have some confidence!


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  • Aren’t you done yet? 9 of 11

    Variations include:

    • You're still not done?
    • Shouldn't you be done by now?
    • How long is this thing going to take?

    If I'm still working then I'm not done. Either you want it done fast or your want it done right - when it comes to home improvement, you can't have both.


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  • Is it supposed to look like that? 10 of 11

    Variations include:

    • That looks wrong.
    • Something just isn't right.
    • Umm...

    This one hurts. We do think it's "supposed to look like that" unless you hear us say otherwise. If you're unsure whether we're happy with the quality of our work, ask us and proceed with caution; we just poured a lot of work into this.


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  • I hate it 11 of 11

    Variations include:

    • ::sobbing::
    • I'm not happy.
    • Nooooooooo!

    This one's the worst. We want you to be happy because we want to be happy! That, and we were kinda hoping to get lucky.


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