10 Tips for Creating a Playroom That’s Both Fun and Educational

Whether it’s a small area in the living room or an entire bonus room, it’s important for children to have a space to call their own. This can be a place where they feel responsible for toys, books, and all of their most prized possessions. Have some fun with this space, and make it a place that feels stimulating and exciting to be in, where they can exercise their minds in all different ways. Start by coming up with a game plan for how you want it to look. Think of special nooks you want to add where they can either practice their love of science or quiet down with their favorite book. We just gave our playroom a big makeover, and here are a few tips I learned along the way.

Here are 10 tips for creating a playroom that is both fun and educational.

  • Change up the Pretend Area to Keep It Exciting 1 of 10

    A pretend area is a great space for a playroom. This allows your child to play out his/her everyday life. It can be fun to change this area up every few months to keep things exciting. Try a kitchen and grocery store, and then a post office and school. 
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  • Cool Down in a Quiet Space 2 of 10

    Make sure to have an area in the playroom where your child can have some peace and quiet. A teepee, like this one, can make a great quiet space. A quiet space can help your child wind down from a busy day. 
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  • Encourage Fun with Sciences 3 of 10

    Science doesn't have to stop in the classroom or outside. Check out these great science activities to add to your home. Bringing science in to the playroom will help encourage them to want to explore and experiment to learn new things. 
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  • Exercise Their Imagination with a Dress up Corner 4 of 10

    Add plenty of costumes and accessories to a special dress-up corner in the playroom. Encourage your child to pretend by making up stories and putting on plays. You can also work together to make new costumes to add to the collection. 
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  • Create a Reading Area That’s Just for Them 5 of 10

    Create a reading nook your child can grow with. Here is an example of shelves at different levels. When the child is young he/she can reach her own special book on the bottom, and as she gets older she can reach the older books at the top. You can combine this area with the quiet area for a perfect place to kick back and relax.
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  • Bring Art Into the Mix 6 of 10

    Allowing your children to explore with various art supplies is a great way to keep their imagination flowing and perfecting their fine motor skills. Create an art station where it's okay if they get a bit messy while having fun creating masterpieces.  
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  • Keep It Cozy with Comfy Furniture 7 of 10

    Sometimes it's nice for your child to just sit back and observe. Add a cozy chair in the playroom so your little one can do just that. A cozy place can also feel more inviting and welcoming. 
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  • Express Emotions with Music 8 of 10

    Music is a great way for children to express emotions, release stress, and build self confidence. Add a little music station so music instruments can be easily accessible.
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  • Spread Out and Have Fun 9 of 10

    Make sure there is also some open space in the playroom. This allows children to use their imagination to their fullest. This can also definitely double as a dance party area. It works that way in our house all the time. 
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  • Use Cubbies to Keep it Tidy 10 of 10

    Keep the playroom tidy with creative storage spaces and organized areas. This can help your child learn how to clean up after themselves since they can be easily accessible. 
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Jacinda Boneau is a fabric designer and founding co-editor at Pretty Prudent, the premier design and lifestyle blog providing inspiration and instruction to help anyone create beautiful things, food, and experiences for their friends and family.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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