10 Unusually Cool Things You Can Buy On Etsy

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Etsy has been the go-to website for those whose tastes fall outside the typical norm for almost a decade. With close to a million sellers at last count, their almost infinite variety of products only continues to grow. Here are some of the unusually cool things you can find in this wide-open marketplace.

  • Space Invader Chalkboard 1 of 10
    Space Invader Chalkboard
    The perfect tool for helping an eighties Atari lover get organized. It has plenty of room for recording your ideas and a small shelf on bottom to hold your chalk.
    available for $43.50 from 265 design on etsy
  • Arcade Light Switch 2 of 10
    Arcade Light Switch
    Here's another option for the eighties arcade junkies. These switches install just like any other light switch but they're made from actual arcade machine push buttons.
    available for $35 from aleph design on etsy
  • Vintage Storefront Greenhouse 3 of 10
    Vintage Storefront Greenhouse
    If you've been looking for a greenhouse, studio, shed, or sun room, it doesn't get any cooler than this. The vintage storefront comes complete with reclaimed windows, reclaimed wood flooring, and a reclaimed wood back wall.
    available for $2,400 from little mansions design on etsy
  • Bicycle Wine Rack 4 of 10
    Bicycle Wine Rack
    Carry your wine on the go in style with this handmade leather bicycle wine rack. Easily attaches to any 1" bike frame using antique brass fasteners.
    available for $30 from oopsmark on etsy
  • Tele-Style Ukulele 5 of 10
    Tele-Style Ukulele
    Designed after Bruce Springsteen's famous guitar, this ukulele has classic rock style. Comes with a pickup as well as volume and tone controls so you can plug it into an amp.
    available for $775 from celentano woodworks on etsy
  • Typewriter Keyboard Dock 6 of 10
    Typewriter Keyboard Dock
    If you miss the sound of loud, clicking typewriter keys, this Etsy seller has just what you need. It can also be used as a replacement keyboard for your Mac or PC.
    available for $799 from usb typewriter on etsy
  • Upcycled Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed 7 of 10
    Upcycled Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed
    Here's a cool way to blend your cat or dog's bed into your interior. Made from an actual vintage suitcase.
    available for $109 from atomic attic on etsy
  • image-478 8 of 10
  • Handmade 16 Ft. Cheyenne Teepee 9 of 10
    Handmade 16 Ft. Cheyenne Teepee
    Yes, you can even buy a new home on Etsy. If your idea of home is a 16-foot Cheyenne style teepee, that is.
    available for $425 from ahki tipi on etsy
  • image-479 10 of 10

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