10 Wardrobe Staples Every Mom Should Own

Remember when you had time to sit and think of cute outfits to wear and time to try them on and…time? Ya, that becomes a thing of the past real quick when kids pop up, but your style doesn’t have to suffer. With these 10 Wardrobe Staples Every Mom Should Own you will be feeling cute and stylish even when you’re racing out the door…

  • Black Cardigan 1 of 10
    Black Cardigan
    A lightweight, long line cardigan hides love handles and fits in a diaper bag so it can also hide stains.
    Buy it for $46.90 at Nordstrom.
  • Comfy Sandals or Slip-Ons 2 of 10
    Comfy Sandals or Slip-Ons
    So you don't have to mess with straps, in a bright color they don't scream "old lady."
    Buy them for $45.59 at Amazon
  • Denim Shirt to Pair With Loose Skirts 3 of 10
    Denim Shirt to Pair With Loose Skirts
    Matches everything but jeans (no double denim) and looks effortlessly stylish, just choose the right fit.
    Buy it for $88 at Madewell.
  • Jersey Dress in a Style that Flatters You 4 of 10
    Jersey Dress in a Style that Flatters You
    No maxis allowed. Just trust me, I learned the hard way.
    Buy it for $108 at Rachel Pally.
  • Cute Yoga Outfit 5 of 10
    Cute Yoga Outfit
    So you can look like you were working out when you pick the kids up from school, yet still feel like you are in your sweats. No one has to know you haven't hit the gym.
    Get the whole outfit at Athleta.
  • Jeggings 6 of 10
    Like jeans without the pinching on your c section scar and chaffing from running around the park in the sun.
    Buy it for $69.95 at Gap.
  • Spanx 7 of 10
    Like a security blanket (for me at least).
    Buy it for $72.00 at Nordstrom.
  • One Perfect Bra 8 of 10
    One Perfect Bra
    Create your own bra made just for you.
    Buy it for $45 at True and Co..
  • A Swing Top 9 of 10
    A Swing Top
    It may not be the most flattering look on you, but for those times just need to throw on a T-shirt, a dolman sleeve or wide cut jersey top takes it up a notch by looking just stylish enough while disguising a midsection. Great over jeggings, shorts, or jeans just not over a skirt.
    Buy it for $28 at Ann Taylor.
  • A Big Pair of Sunglasses 10 of 10
    A Big Pair of Sunglasses
    Take a note from celebrity airport paparazzi shots they may have been on a 12 hour flight whereas you've been up attending to crying infants, but the lesson is the same: No mascara? No problem. Big glasses hide everything and glam it up a notch.
    Buy it for $18.00 at Urban Outfitters.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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