10 Ways to Help Those Affected by the Government Shutdown

As the government shutdown news has trickled in all week, my heart is with those most affected — and I’ve been dreaming up ways to help them.

It’s not the poor I am worried about this time. Food banks will remain open and well-stocked. Food stamp cards will still be funded. Medicaid will still cover their healthcare.

But the hardworking, middle class Americans who work for our government will be without a paycheck. Families who make too much for food benefits but rely on WIC vouchers to feed their children will struggle to provide milk and cereal and formula for their infants.

We were that family 15 years ago. Our monthly WIC checks provided much needed food for this nursing mom and formula when my daughter needed it. The loss of those vouchers would have been devastating for our budget, but I was blessed with an amazing support network and family who would have stepped in if necessary.

Not everyone is so lucky. BE that support network. Reach out to your neighbors. Help where you can — it doesn’t have to be a lot of work or an expensive gesture. If you know someone who is affected by the government shutdown, here are 10 simple ways to help them through the rough times ahead.

  • Carpool Their Kids 1 of 1

    With 4 kids in after-school activities, I would love if someone offered to shuttle my kids along with theirs. If you know someone on your child's team who may be affected by the government shutdown, offer to save them a little gas by driving the kids for a while.
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