10 Ways to Stage Your Home for Quick Sale

Selling your home can be is most definitely stressful, particularly when you need to sell it fast.

When we were selling our townhouse a few years ago, our charming little house sat on the market for 9 long months without so much as a single offer. What we couldn’t figure out was why. The house was clean, in a great location, modern enough and nicely decorated, so what was the deal? Desperate and confused, we sought the help of an expert for tips on how to stage our home for sale.

  • SOLD! 1 of 11

    Wonder what you can do as a homeowner to sell your home at warp speed? Take a look!


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  • Deep clean 2 of 11

    Cleaning your home might sound obvious, but serious homebuyers are looking in every nook and cranny. Rid your home of cobwebs (yes, even the ones waaaay up in the corner of the ceiling), dust bunnies, shower mildew, toilet rings, and even dust on draperies and window blinds (especially since those are staying with the house). If deep cleaning isn't your thing, consider hiring a professional cleaning crew to come in and do the dirty work for you.


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  • Curb appeal 3 of 11

    Your home's first impression will be based on curb appeal alone. Make sure your home's front landscaping is well cared for and consider adding flowers to your front porch to create an inviting atmosphere.


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  • Finish what you started 4 of 11

    We're all guilty of unfinished home improvement projects, but potential homebuyers may not have the time, resources, or know-how to finish the job you started. Tidy up any home improvement loose ends so you can present your home as a finished and fabulous product.


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  • Lose the clutter 5 of 11

    You know that room or closet that's become a catch-all for anything and everything? Consider that space a big no-no when selling your home. Host a yard sale or rent a storage place to rid your home of unsightly clutter, excess furniture or off-season decorative accents. Remember, your home will appear larger with less items taking up valuable space.


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  • Shine bright 6 of 11

    Make use of your home's natural light by opening up window blinds and drapes. Tip: Make sure your windows are clean to let in the maximum amount of natural light and showcase views from every room.

    In terms of artificial lighting, you'll want to remove interior and exterior lighting fixtures and wash them to remove dirt and dead insects. Replace light bulbs with the highest wattage recommended by the manufacturer to maximize brightness. Lastly, consider replacing any outdated lighting fixtures with newer, more modern designs.


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  • Paint 7 of 11

    Fresh paint is an inexpensive way to give your home a dramatic facelift. When choosing interior paint colors, stick with warm neutrals, which have been known to assist potential buyers envision themselves living there. If exterior paint is outside of your staging budget, consider painting your front door to further boost curb appeal.


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  • De-personalize 8 of 11

    Your home is a deeply personal space that reflects its inhabitants. However, when it comes to selling your home, you'll need to showcase your residence as a space that any potential buyer can see themselves living in. The easiest way to do that is by removing personal collections, family photos, name signage, certificates and diplomas, or anything else that might be specific to your family. I know it's hard, but remember that the "de-personalization" is temporary and you'll be personalizing your new space in no time!


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  • The nose knows 9 of 11

    Appeal to the senses of potential buyers with air fresheners, scented candles, or reed diffussers to create an inviting scent throughout your home.  Think scents that remind you of home - warm vanilla, chocolate chip cookies, even calming lavender - but remember, a little goes a long way!


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  • Add flowers 10 of 11

    Fresh flowers are a cheery addition to any space, so place them strategically throughout your home, including bedrooms, living areas, and kitchen.


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  • Set the scene 11 of 11

    Little touches like setting the dining room table with stunning chargers and pretty placements can make a big difference. Consider staging your guest room with a breakfast tray of magazines and flowers to present your home as welcome environment for potential buyers. 


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