11 Fashion Trends I Wish Would Never Go Out of Style

Trends come and trends go but there are certain pieces that seem to stand the test of decades (and others that I hope will!). Last week I shared my opinion on the worst fashion trends, and today I’m sharing the best. Always good to end on a positive note, right? Keep reading to see all 11 of my favorite trends!

  • Riding Boots 1 of 11
    Riding Boots
    Throw a well-made pair of riding boots on your feet, and your outfit is instantly stylish. They've been in style since the '50s too!
    Find these Frye boots at for $388
  • Shrunken Blazers 2 of 11
    Shrunken Blazers
    Menswear might not be in fashion forever, but I'm hoping these sharp, shrunken blazers stick around. They add an instant layer of refined sophistication.
    Find this one here at J.Crew for $188
  • Stripes 3 of 11
    I might eat my words on this at a later time but I think preppy stripes are here to stay. They're casual, chic and the color combinations are endless.
    Find this sweater here at Madewell for $88
  • Bright Colors 4 of 11
    Bright Colors
    I'm still a bit hesitant to throw together a brightly colored outfit, but when I do my mood is instantly lifted and energized. Stick around, bright, beautiful colors! You make the world a happier place.
    Image here at J.Crew
  • Chunky Knit Cardigan 5 of 11
    Chunky Knit Cardigan
    I'm in favor of anything comfy and still stylish, so naturally a soft, chunky cardigan fits that description. This is exactly what I want to pull on over a t-shirt every. Single. Day.
    Find this one here at Zara for $49.90
  • Ballet Flats 6 of 11
    Ballet Flats
    I think Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy would both agree that investing in a great pair of black ballet flats might be the single best thing you can do for your wardrobe (and your feet!).
    Find this pair here at Zara for $29.90
  • Buttery Leather Satchel 7 of 11
    Buttery Leather Satchel
    I can't see this ever going out of style. It can be everything from a diaper bag to a laptop work bag (or both if it's big enough!). Buttery brown leather, you're the best thing to happen to the fashion world since denim!
    Find this one here at Asos for $100.63
  • Belted Trench 8 of 11
    Belted Trench
    Another offspring of the menswear trend that I hope sticks around. Flattering, tailored and sophisticated for every body type.
    Find this one here at Asos for $98.84
  • Classic Wool Coat 9 of 11
    Classic Wool Coat
    In a neutral, dark color a timeless wool coat like this will go with any outfit and last decades (the style has lasted several already!).
    Find this one here at Boden for $224
  • A Classic Little Black Dress 10 of 11
    A Classic Little Black Dress
    A flattering, classy wardrobe staple that our moms and grandmas agree with us on. Nothing pumps up the wow factor more quickly than a little black dress paired with some bright lipstick.
    Find this one here at Zara for $59.90
  • Pencil Skirt 11 of 11
    Pencil Skirt
    Classy, hot and super flattering. The go-to work wardrobe staple. Bright colors are in right now, but just the basic neutral colors of black, navy and cream I can see sticking around for decades.
    Find this one here at J.Crew for $120


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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