11 Incredible Back To School Supplies I Wish I Had as a Kid

It amazes me at all the wonderful supplies that are out there these days. It makes me a bit jealous! If I could go back to school (no thanks!) here is a list of awesome school supplies I never had but would have loved. Check them out!

  • Laptop! 1 of 11
    What on earth did we ever do without laptops? It's not just college students who have them now either!
    Buy one here for $1,469 at B&H
  • Solar Backpack 2 of 11
    Solar Backpack
    Have you heard of these? The solar panels charge your electronics. Crazy right?
    Buy one here for $199
  • USB 3 of 11
    So portable and with so much space, students only need one for years!
    Buy them here for $24
  • Magnetic Bookmarks 4 of 11
    Magnetic Bookmarks
    I was notorious for dog-earring my school books. These little magnetic bookmarks really would have come in handy.
    Buy them here for $8.95 at Spoon Sisters
  • Smart Pen 5 of 11
    Smart Pen
    This thing is amazing. It records everything you hear and write! A student's best friend to taking notes.
    Buy it here for $116 on Amazon
  • Smart Phone 6 of 11
    Smart Phone
    Again, what did we ever do without them! Great for keeping in touch, keeping a schedule, and a lot more.
    Buy one here for $199 on Yahoo.
  • Good Lookin’ 7 of 11
    Good Lookin'
    It seems like the school supplies these days have a lot more variety. Sure there is still Lisa Frank style supplies, but there are also great looking and well designed supplies. Like this pencil bag for example! Beautiful!
    Buy one here for $12.99 at American Apparel
  • Filter Water Bottles 8 of 11
    Filter Water Bottles
    I don't know about you, but the water at my school was nasty. I would have loved a water bottle with a built in filter back then.
    Buy one here for $13 at Target
  • All The Colors! 9 of 11
    All The Colors!
    I remember when a pack of colored pencils consisted of just the colors of the rainbow. These days, the colors seem endless! I love it!
    Image found here.
  • Eco Friendly 10 of 11
    Eco Friendly
    It wasn't as big of a trend back then, but I would have loved some of these recycled pencils!
    Buy them here for $12 on Etsy
  • Educational Games 11 of 11
    Educational Games
    From video games to apps, there are so many educational games out there to get students into learning and make it fun.
    See more here.


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