11 Ridiculous Halloween Costumes for Kids

We’ve all seen them. The costumes that make you think “Who would dress their child in that?” And “Why?” And there are some that are so ridiculous it’s funny.  Here are 11 ridiculous costumes for kids that will both make you laugh and wince.

  • Wonder Bread 1 of 11
    Wonder Bread
    Because every kid wants to be a loaf of low quality bread for Halloween.
    See it here at Hollywood Toys And Costumes.
  • Toilet 2 of 11
    A toilet? That's just asking for it.
    See it here at Anytime Costume.
  • Whoopee Cushion 3 of 11
    Whoopee Cushion
    A little funny. I can see some kids wanting to be a whoopee cushion. But that doesn't make it right.
    See it here on Anytime Costume.
  • Whack-A-Mole 4 of 11
    Do kids even know what whack-a-mole is these days? Here friends, take this mallet and whack the moles on my stomach!
    See it here at
  • Mac n’ Cheese 5 of 11
    Mac n' Cheese
    I suppose if this was their absolute favorite food ... then okay.
    See it here at
  • Baby Gaga 6 of 11
    Baby Gaga
    I doubt many if any people will get this one. Baby Gaga? Wow.
    See it here on Brands On Sale.
  • Car Air Freshener 7 of 11
    Car Air Freshener
    Because there is nothing lame about being the cheesy little air freshener you get for free at the car wash. So cool.
    See it hereon Buy Costumes.
  • Caveman Weightlifter? 8 of 11
    Caveman Weightlifter?
    Where do I begin? Is this a caveman who time traveled into the future to weight lift and somehow acquired a cape?
    See it here on Amazon.
  • Roast Turkey Surprise 9 of 11
    Roast Turkey Surprise
    This one just creeps me out. Which I guess is part of Halloween's appeal. Sorry, Martha. Not as cute as you might think.
    See it here on Martha Stewart.
  • Benjamins 10 of 11
    If your kid wants to be money for Halloween, you might need to re-think the whole allowance thing.
    See it here on Costume Store.
  • Ostrich Cowboy? 11 of 11
    Ostrich Cowboy?
    And this. I don't know what this is. An ostrich cowboy? Funny, but why?
    See it here on Spirit Halloween.


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