11 Tiny, Eclectic Kitchens That Will Leave You Craving Organization


Our house has definitely felt like a non-stop renovation zone practically since the first day we moved in last year! But, I do love a good house project; they keep my design eye sharp and make the home we live in feel loved and purposeful. While we’ve been lucky enough to transform our front hallway, living room, and reading loft to name a few, our kitchen has remained a work-in-progress and will likely stay that way for a long while. It’s actually last on my list of house redo wishlist items.

And frankly, that doesn’t bother me at all. The kitchen is functional, it has plenty of light and is a mostly pleasant place to be. Working in it has made me come to appreciate a small quirky kitchen, and as I come across kitchen inspiration photos, I keep finding myself drawn to the tiny ones.


There’s just something wonderful about making the most of what you have to work with and turning it into a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. Notice the open shelving above the counter space in the above photo, as well as the rod for hanging kitchen tools, and even a spice rack! Having a smaller space to work with forces one to stay organized and to remove the kitchen gadgets not being used.

jenna brinning

Sometimes the smallest spaces are the most inviting, take this tiny galley kitchen as an example. The window is bright and inviting, the counter space practically nonexistent, but it looks like the essentials are all there. I’d love nothing more than to sit on that stool and enjoy a cup of tea or something as equally charming.

Click through the gallery below to see a few more of my favorite small kitchens and inspiring spaces. Take a look. They’re hard not to love! Here’s to getting organized and making do where we can, while still creating something pretty in the process!


Break Up the Space with Paint! 1 of 9
Such a clever use of paint to separate this small space a little bit. And look at those shelves, all the way to the ceiling even! Way to maximize the space given!

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Tiny Kitchen Love 2 of 9
This kitchen is from an actual tiny house, 127 sq. feet! I love the details, like the mini stove that was made to fit in a sailboat. Living in such tight quarters would force you to really only use/need the essentials; minimalism at its finest.

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Luxury Living 3 of 9
This small space packs a punch of luxury. Viking range and hood? Check. Refrigerated drawers? Check. Compact dishwasher? Check. Even a miniature TV! Just beautiful.

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Storage! 4 of 9
Bright white with pops of color, with everything in its place. The space may be snug but the overhead cabinets (all the way to the ceiling) add some excellent storage options.

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When in Doubt, Knock a Wall Out 5 of 9
It looks like there used to be some sort of wall or partition, which when removed, opened things up and added storage as well as bar and counter space. It's still not a big kitchen, but definitely has enough space and features to be considered on the generous side in comparison.

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Tall Ceilings for the Win 6 of 9
Let's call a spade a spade; this kitchen isn't much more than a single wall of cabinets with a counter on top. And yet, it's all there, even a ventilation hood! You wish your tiny kitchen could look so chic; I know I do.

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Corner Shelving 7 of 9
Why waste that precious corner space? I could go on and on about how I adore these custom corner shelves, but you can probably see what I'm talking about already. Genius!

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White on White 8 of 9
Designer trick: using lots of white to make things seem bigger and more open is the oldest trick in the book. But it WORKS, which is why this tiny kitchen looks so great. Well, that and the butcher board counter tops, and the subway tile, and the mini farm sink, and okay the long shelves, too. I'll take it!

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A Little Color Goes a Long Way 9 of 9
I know, I was just preaching white, but adding in a few pops of color here and there is a great way to liven things up a bit. This tiny space is playful and fun, but with lots of functional features, too! The most used items are hung within arms reach; there's a towel rack installed below the counters that hides an unsightly heater AND dries towels efficiently.

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