11 Valentine’s Day Washi Tape Cards and Crafts

This Valentine’s Day, fall in love with washi tape. This magical tape can be used to create banners for your parties, unique valentines for friends, and so much more. I’ve been having a ton of fun with it — it’s such a basic material, but it can make an eye-popping impact on your decor and invites. We even used it to make paper photo booth props to hand out as valentines to friends. Consider making all your own cards this year instead of heading straight to the store.

Check out the ways people have used washi tape to add a handmade touch to their Valentine’s Day.

  • Valentine Boxes 1 of 11

    Instead of using wrapping paper, decorate a little gift box with washi tape.
    Find out more at A Spoonful of Sugar Girls.

  • DIY Photo Booth Prop Valentines 2 of 11
    Sending You a Kiss

    Use washi tape and a straw to make photo booth prop valentines that you can hand out as party favors when everyone leaves.

    Check out the tutorial here.

  • Washi Tape Garland 3 of 11

    Use all different kinds of washi tape and coordinate the colors to create an adorable banner for your home. You can use this long after the holiday is over!
    Find out more at Lulu the Baker.

  • Paper Straw Arrows 4 of 11

    These paper straw arrows will add the perfect touch to a little gift. You could also use them to decorate a card, drink glasses, or the party table.
    Find out more at Honey We're Home.

  • Recycled Treat Box 5 of 11

    Be green this Valentines Day. Recycle a box, decorate with washi tape, and add some sweet treats for your special someone.
    Find out more at Snap Creativity.

  • Wall Decor 6 of 11

    Looking for a great way to brighten your loved one's day? Use washi tape to leave love notes all around the house.
    Find out more at Traveling Mama.

  • Washi Tape Bubbles 7 of 11

    Washi tape can help make a candy-free valentine extra cute.
    Find out more at Money Wise Moms.

  • Valentine’s Ombre Glitter Washi Tape 8 of 11

    Create your own washi tape with this simple DIY.
    Find out more at Squirrelly Minds.

  • Washi Tape Votive 9 of 11
    Washi Tape Votive 008Blog

    A simple candle decorated with washi tape can be a great Valentine's Day gift.
    Find out more at Seven Alive.

  • Washi Tape Clips 10 of 11

    A cute way to add Valentine's Day decor to your home is to hang Valentine's Day Cards with washi tape decorated clothespins. It's a great alternative to a banner!
    Find out more at LIfe with Lovebugs.

  • Washi Tape Valentine’s Day Card 11 of 11

    Give your card a personal touch, and decorate it with washi tape.
    Find out more at SAS Does.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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