12 Amazing Miniatures

When I saw this post recently on the Etsy blog, I quickly fell down the rabbit hole of doll house dreaming. So many tiny things I never knew my (ahem, my children’s) dollhouse needed! These go far beyond your usual furniture offerings, accessorizing for any hobby you might imagine with amazing detail. (Fully featured vintage artist’s tool box anyone?)  I’ve pulled together 12, but don’t be surprised if you find at least 20 more as you click through. Sigh.

  • Here are 12 amazing miniatures… 1 of 13
    Here are 12 amazing miniatures...
    ... that you didn't know your dollhouse needed!
  • Miniature Books 2 of 13
    Miniature Books
    I definitely need a well stocked library. And what better than Alice in Wonderland for a doll house?
    Available from L. Delany for $4.50.
  • Heirloom Tomatoes 3 of 13
    Heirloom Tomatoes
    Regular tomatoes just won't do for my garden.
    Available from Puttering for $8.
  • Bananas 4 of 13
    Those bananas are bananas.
    Available from Minnie Kitchen for $11.
  • Felt Ball Garland 5 of 13
    Felt Ball Garland
    Tiny little garland - yes!
    Available from puttering for $5.50.
  • Party Hats 6 of 13
    Party Hats
    I want to have the doll house set up for parties all the time now.
    Available from puttering for $4.
  • Office Supplies 7 of 13
    Office Supplies
    Specifically Scotch tape. Which we're always running out of, so it only makes sense to keep some in the doll house.
    Available from L. Delany for $4.50.
  • Microscope Slides 8 of 13
    Microscope Slides
    Creepy or cool? I can't decide.
    Available from L. Delany for $450.
  • Crayons 9 of 13
    How fun would it be to make the little picture to go with?
    Available from Minnie Kitchen for $15.
  • Magazines 10 of 13
    Clearly I need a miniature Better Homes and Gardens in my collection.
    Available from L. Delany for $4.50.
  • Candy Assortment 11 of 13
    Candy Assortment
    I'm sure the dolls have a sweet tooth.
    Available from Minnie Kitchen for $34.
  • Sweets Prep 12 of 13
    Sweets Prep
    For the preparation of fancy, tiny sweets.
    Available from Minnie Kitchen for $39.
  • Artist’s Paint Box 13 of 13
    Artist's Paint Box
    I need a tiny studio.
    Available from Marquis MIniatures for $50.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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