12 Arts & Crafts Toys You Can Make at Home

Arts and crafts are a regular thing here so I’m always keeping my eye out for new ideas. Take all those leftover crayon bits and pieces and melt them into fun shapes like these elephants. Come up with creative stamp art designs using pencil erasers for stamps. What are some of your favorite arts and crafts to make at home? Add some fun projects to the mix with these 12 Arts & Crafts Toys You Can Make at Home…

  • Sidewalk Chalk 1 of 12
    Sidewalk Chalk
    Follow this easy recipe for making colorful sidewalk chalk and don't worry about running out since you can always make more.
    Find out more at Domestic Charm.
  • Stamp Art with Pencils 2 of 12
    Stamp Art with Pencils
    The possibilities are endless when you are using pencil stamps to make art.
    Get the tutorial at Colour Me There.
  • Time to Get Messy 3 of 12
    Time to Get Messy
    Have a blast painting out doors in the warm weather with these colorful and fun to make finger paints.
    Find out more at Easie Peasie.
  • Rainbow Flower Pots 4 of 12
    Rainbow Flower Pots
    Now the kids can have a reason to use an excessive amount of paint.
    Spotted at In Lieu of Preschool.
  • Plush Alphabet 5 of 12
    Plush Alphabet
    Cut out the letters together and then sew them up to make colorful plush alphabet toys.
    Get the tutorial at Chez Beeper Beb.
  • Box O’ Princesses 6 of 12
    Box O' Princesses
    The kids can make their own unique set of pretty princesses and princes.
    Find out more at Lil Blue Boo.
  • Paper Mache Boat 7 of 12
    Paper Mache Boat
    Spend an afternoon making a collection of these dreamy sailboats.
    Get the tutorial at Ann Wood.
  • Custom Crayons 8 of 12
    Custom Crayons
    Melt crayons into your own fun shapes.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Bird Feeders 9 of 12
    Bird Feeders
    Use cookie cutters to make different shaped bird feeders to hang in the trees.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Excavating Dinosaurs 10 of 12
    Excavating Dinosaurs
    Stay cool while digging out dinosaurs out of blocks of ice.
    Find out more at Craftzine.
  • Scrap Busting Concentration 11 of 12
    Scrap Busting Concentration
    Use scraps of fabric to make a custom concentration game.
    Check it out at Prudent Baby.
  • Toilet Paper Roll Crowns 12 of 12
    Toilet Paper Roll Crowns
    Pretend to be queens, kings, princes and princesses with toilet paper roll crowns.
    Check it out at Lilla A.

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