12 Back To School Essentials For Boys


With school just around the corner, back to school shopping is on everyone’s mind. We’ve got you covered here with the essential back to school trends for little boys (and another post for little girls coming soon!). Are you ready for your boy’s first day of school? Keep reading to see our essentials…

  • Kids Adidas Dragon Sneakers 1 of 12
    Kids Adidas Dragon Sneakers
    Grab a classic sneaker in a bright color
  • Colorful Aviators at AE 2 of 12
    Colorful Aviators at AE
    He'll be too cool for school showing up in these shades
  • Classic V-Necks 3 of 12
    Classic V-Necks
    They go with everything, a great basic to stock up on. These from crewcuts are on sale!
  • Classic Fjall Backpack 4 of 12
    Classic Fjall Backpack
    A hit on his explorer side, this classic backpack is a splurge but one he'll keep for years
  • Vintage Blazer from AA 5 of 12
    Vintage Blazer from AA
    Just in case he gets sent to the Principal's office for throwing paper planes...
  • St James Striped Tee 6 of 12
    St James Striped Tee
    This unisex tee is adorable on little boys embracing their European side
  • Lego Alarm Clock 7 of 12
    Lego Alarm Clock
    He'll love to set his clock and make sure he makes the bus on time!
  • Stripey cardigan 8 of 12
    Stripey cardigan
    Great over a v-neck or graphic tee, plus grown up enough to fit in with the big kids
  • Timeco Mondrian Wristwatch 9 of 12
    Timeco Mondrian Wristwatch
    A modern twist on a classic watch
  • Ripped Skinny Jeans 10 of 12
    Ripped Skinny Jeans
    Skinnies for boys are hot and these are a nice mix of rugged too
  • Kid Suspenders 11 of 12
    Kid Suspenders
    Nothing is more adorable than little school boys in suspenders
  • H&M Striped Socks 12 of 12
    H&M Striped Socks
    Stock up, they'll get dirty quick during recess!

Links and Prices:

Kids Adidas Dragon Sneakers $50

Colorful Aviators at AE $15.50

Classic V-Necks $9.99

Classic Fjall Backpack $70

Vintage Blazer from AA $20

St James Striped Tee $45

Lego Alarm Clock $34

Stripey cardigan $14.95

Timeco Mondrian Wristwatch $15

Ripped Skinny Jeans $32.90

Kid Suspenders $13

H&M Striped Socks $7.95


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