12 Fashion Trends I Wish Would Go Out of Style

I feel like I’ve been pretty open about accepting new trends. I’m okay with skinny high-waisted jeans just like our moms wore in the 80s, pin-up girl style bikinis are pretty cute to me, even jeggings have found their way into my closet. However, there are certain fashion trends that really cross a line for me, or have been accepted for way too long in my opinion. Maybe if we band together we can get rid of them! Am I off the mark here or do you agree?

  • Leopard Print 1 of 12
    Leopard Print
    Certain animal prints I like and enjoy in a small dose but I've never met a leopard print that looked classy.
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  • Culottes and Wide Leg Trousers 2 of 12
    Culottes and Wide Leg Trousers
    Especially in a horizontal stripe, and with the exception of pajamas. In my opinion, there's a reason why pajama-shaped pants are meant to be worn inside where no one can see you.
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  • Mommy and Me Outfits 3 of 12
    Mommy and Me Outfits
    Kids these days dress too much like adults anyway. Why would we make it worse by dressing just like them? I'm calling this one a bit tacky
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  • Huge Flower Headbands on Babies 4 of 12
    Huge Flower Headbands on Babies
    I get that your bald little baby girl might need a bitty flower clip on her head to distinguish her from the baby boy next door, but a gigantic flower is feminine overload for such a little babe.
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  • Mustaches 5 of 12
    Mustaches were overplayed, and I'm pretty sick of them. I get it, they're funny. Like 4 years ago. But that aside, where do we even begin with this one? Unless you're dressing up as the Easter Bunny, there's no good reason for a grown adult to have a huge bunny plastered on their sweatshirt.
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  • Huge Ruffled Blouses 6 of 12
    Huge Ruffled Blouses
    Confession: I still have a couple of these in my closet but am feeling that they're starting to look a bit lion mane-ish. Please remind me of this if you see me wearing one.
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  • Wild Wedge Booties 7 of 12
    Wild Wedge Booties
    I'm just beginning to be okay with booties, but huge wedge ones, especially with wild cut-outs, just seem way over the top — and a bit too red light district for me
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  • Embroidered Birds 8 of 12
    Embroidered Birds
    The trend of slapping an embroidered bird on any article of clothing for instant sweetness has been going on for waaaaay too long and needs to end.
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  • Sweater Dresses in a Horizontal Stripe 9 of 12
    Sweater Dresses in a Horizontal Stripe
    Sweater dresses are pretty unflattering enough for most body types, but add a horizontal stripe and unflattering takes on a whole new unfortunate meaning.
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  • Elastic Ankle Trousers 10 of 12
    Elastic Ankle Trousers
    I've never seen a body type flattered in an elastic waist pant. It's a slippery slope from these to MC hammer pants.
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  • Pajama Jeans 11 of 12
    Pajama Jeans
    I'm iffy enough on jeggings but pajama jeans just cross a very visible line in my book. Pajamas or jeans. Pick one.
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  • Ironic Tees 12 of 12
    Ironic Tees
    Sure, I've been known to still wear my "Canada: Fits Your Budget" tee but I'm mostly over them, especially for men in their 30s and 40s.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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