12 Gifts Under $50 from Artsy Moderne

Christmas is a-coming (as if you could forget, what with the music in every store and trees everywhere). And as we all know, after we stuff ourselves on Thanksgiving, the day after is for working off the calories with some shopping. And some sales. To help you out (I’m kind like that) I’ve chosen a few (read: twelve) of my favorites from Artsy Modern’s gifts under $50 category. And to further help you out with your budget, they’re offering 30% off from November 28th – December 1st.


  • 12 Gifts Under $50 1 of 13

    Here are 12 of my favorites from Artsy Moderne. Click through to see them all. 

    And don't forget the sale!

  • Foxy 2 of 13

    What does the fox say? Or rather, drink? Espresso I think, perhaps with his friends owl, rabbit, and beaver.

    Find the collection at Artsy Moderne, $40. 

  • Flora and Fauna Shower Curtain 3 of 13

    Especially perfect as a combination housewarming/holiday gift. 

    Get it at Artsy Moderne, $50. 

  • Coasters 4 of 13

    Ensure your favorite table doesn't wind up decorated with rings with a little humor. 

    Get them at Artsy Moderne, $23. 

  • Sokeri Birch Tray 5 of 13

    So cute! By one for a gift and one for yourself. 

    Get it at Artsy Moderne, $46. 

  • Backgammon Espresso Set 6 of 13

    Another espresso set, this time for your ultra-mod friend. Eminently giftable. 

    Get it at Artsy Moderne, $40. 

  • Observant Owl Stamp 7 of 13

    A fun gift for the kids in your world, sophisticated enough to appeal to adults as well. 

    Get it at Artsy Moderne, $22.


  • Cloud Necklace 8 of 13

    A fun accessory, sure to brighten any outfit despite it's cloudy outlook. 

    Get it at Artsy Moderne, $32. 

  • Dotty Tea Towels 9 of 13

    The perfect gift for that neighbor that always has a cup of flour to lend (metaphorically or not). 

    Get it at Artsy Moderne, $30. 

  • Typographic Bookend 10 of 13

    Everyone knows a book-lover that's impossible to buy for. Try this fun little addition for their collection. 

    Get it at Artsy Modern, $35. 

  • Tea Towel 11 of 13

    Wrap up your holiday baked goods in this delightful tea towel for two gifts in one. 

    Get it at Artsy Moderne, $18. 

  • Candy Stripes Bin 12 of 13

    Use this to package an awkward gift or as a gift in itself with it's cheerful stripes. 

    Get it at Artsy Moderne, $40. 

  • Laughter is the Best Medicine 13 of 13

    A tea towel for the one you love to laugh with. Or maybe for a friend with a bad cold.  (That's how it works, right?)

    Get it at Artsy Moderne, $21. 



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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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