12 Must-Try Hairstyles for Moms

We’re shredding the stigma of “mom style” and bringing you a fresh new take on the just-thrown-together look with these 12 must-try hairstyles.We have a style for each month in the year, so prepare to spice up your morning routine with a variety of styles for any occasion (spoiler alert: we are loving braids this year!).

  • Elegant Bun 1 of 12
    Elegant Bun
    We love the elegant look of this sleek tucked bun, held together with pins to create a beautiful swirl. This is a great professional or evening look -- a great alternative to a traditional french bun.
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  • Double Fishtail Braids 2 of 12
    Double Fishtail Braids
    We are loving fishtail braids right now, a beautiful way to keep long hair out of your way and looking great. It's a simple alternative to a standard braid that looks harder than it is! Braids are fast to make and look great with any style.
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  • Tiny Fishtail Braid 3 of 12
    Tiny Fishtail Braid
    Check out this tiny fishtail braid! A great version of one of our favorite braids for hair of all lengths, especially when you want a subtle addition to keeping your hair down.
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  • Messy Bun 4 of 12
    Messy Bun
    Messy buns can be great if done right -- and we love the low positioning of this bun. If you have enough hair, the fullness of the bun makes it look a little more than just an afterthought, and can look great for the summer and keep you cool.
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  • Tousled Princess Braid 5 of 12
    Tousled Princess Braid
    We love the tiny gathering at the top of this braid, giving the traditional single braid a princess-like twist. The trick? Tousled, not messy!
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  • Side Braid 6 of 12
    Side Braid
    Bring a braid from the back to the front for an entirely different hair style! The great thing about this look is that it can even be done on shorter hair, because only the top section of hair is used in creating the braid.
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  • Knotted buns 7 of 12
    Knotted buns
    Create tiny bun knots along the top of your neck using bobbi pins or tiny hair bands to hold in place. Can be done with medium-length hair for a sweet romantic looks for day or night.
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  • Float-away Romance 8 of 12
    Float-away Romance
    Curl the bottoms of your hair and give it a light tease to make your hair "float", perfectly whimsical for any occasion.
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  • Angled Fishtail 9 of 12
    Angled Fishtail
    A side fishtail braid tucked under can be achieved in medium-length hair (and even works with curly hair!) for a bun-like look with a twist. Casual but elegant, you can toss aside bad hair days forever!
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  • Loose Twisted Braid 10 of 12
    Loose Twisted Braid
    A loose braid twisted down the back with medium-length hair give some dimension without having to put your hair up. Just tuck in your tail for a seamless look!
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  • Ladder Faux-Braid 11 of 12
    Ladder Faux-Braid
    This simple eye teaser is a great alternative to a braid that gives a similar effect to the hair. Simply tie together pieces from opposite sides (pulling from the underside of your hair) with a small band every few inches down the back length of your hair. Finish off with a band at the bottom to keep it all together and you're done in under 5!
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  • Twisted Knots 12 of 12
    Twisted Knots
    Add a side twist on either sides of your hair that lead to small knots held in place with pins or bands for a more romantic evening look. Date night preparation never felt so easy!
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