12 Outrageous Wild Animal Bedding Sets

Are you an animal in bed? Get your mind out of the gutter, you guys! I was talking about animal bedding – geez.

While there’s no doubt animal prints add an exotic and chic element to any bedding ensemble, it’s generally preferred that wild animals themselves stay off the bed…or is it?

While searching online for the latest in bold animal prints, I stumbled down the rabbit hole of wild animal bedding sets. Who knew this was such a thing?

My experience compiling the 14 unsexiest beds you’ve ever seen taught me one valuable lesson pertaining to bedding design: people are freaks in bed stylistically speaking, of course.


  • Lions and tigers and bears – oh my! 1 of 13
    Animal bedding sets

    Take a look at 12 of the most outrageous bedding sets for folks who love them some animals in the bedroom!

  • Tigers 2 of 13

    Rawr! Cat lovers rejoice (?) over this tiger duvet cover set. You'll either purr like a kitten or have nightmares sleeping under this ferocious beast.


    Available from Toms Bedding; $120.12

  • Wild horses 3 of 13

    If you can't have a wild stallion in bed, you can at least have this 4-piece wild horse bedding ensemble.


    Available from Etsy's 3D Bedding Set; $95



  • Cheetahs 4 of 13

    Cheetahs on your bed because nothing says romance quite like the fastest animal in all of ever.


    Available from; $139

  • Fierce leopards 5 of 13

    A leopard doesn't change it's spots, nor does it make for an inviting resting place - trust us.


    Available from AliExpress; $122

  • Leopards 6 of 13

    Here kitty, kitty, kitty! While this leopard bedding may not be as frightening as the last, this predator's face isn't the first thing I want to see in the morning.


    Available from; $229.99

  • Peacocks 7 of 13

    Peacock feathers and peacock-inspired colors are super hot design trends we just can't enough of ... or so we thought. This 5-piece peacock bedding set proves less is more.


    Available from AliExpress; $123.41

  • Panthers 8 of 13

    What's with all the cat-inspired bedding, you ask? We were wondering the same thing. Related: we may never sleep again. So. Many. Eyes.


    Available from Etsy's 3D Bedding Set; $95



  • Bears 9 of 13

    A sleuth of bears is enough to make a girl feel like Golidlocks! Only not at all.


    Available from Toms Bedding; $120.12



  • Swimming tigers 10 of 13

    Swimming tiger, hidden...body? Even in a Sports Illustrated swimsuit setting, we're still scared of these majestic beasts.


    Available from; $169



  • Wolves 11 of 13

    Anyone would be crying wolf in this bedding set!


    Available from Etsy's 3D Bedding Set; $95



  • Dolphins 12 of 13

    Dolphins may be our oceanic friends, but Flipper and friends on our bedding? Nah...


    Available from; $139

  • Pandas 13 of 13

    Awwww, right? I'm all for loving pandas on a Trapper Keeper, but not on a master bed.


    Available from Etsy's 3D Bedding Set; $95




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