12 Ponytail Ideas for Summertime

Warm days are ahead (or so I am told). I, too, often find myself with a boring ponytail all summer. I like the idea of changing it up a bit, whether it’s adding a braid or simply wrapping a piece of hair over the rubber band. I dug up some creative (and cute!) ways to keep your hair out of your face and off your shoulders this summer. Check them out, after the jump!

  • Ponytail + Braid! 1 of 12
    Ponytail + Braid!
    Dress up your plain ponytail by wrapping a simple braid around your hairband. Secure with a bobby pin and make sure the braid completely covers the hairband.
    Idea by Hair and Makeup by Steph.
  • Gorgeous French Braid Ponytail 2 of 12
    Gorgeous French Braid Ponytail
    A little bit of this and a little bit of that. This French braid takes the ponytail and combines twists and turns for an ideal date night look. Have some hairspray ready in hand to keep the look in place all night long.
    Idea by Join the Mood.
  • Twisted Ponytail 3 of 12
    Twisted Ponytail
    Take two semi-thick handful pigtails and simply twist until it meets in the middle to create this elegant look. Hide the scrunchie with excess hair strands and pin them down with bobby pins.
    Idea by Hair Romance.
  • Part French Braid/Part Ponytail 4 of 12
    Part French Braid/Part Ponytail
    Add some oomph into your hair-do with this 60s-inspired braid and ponytail combo. This may be difficult to construct on straight hair, but it's nothing a curling iron can't fix! Curl your hair mid-way to the end of my locks, apply hair mousse, and proceed.
    Idea by The Beauty Department.
  • Side Ponytail 5 of 12
    Side Ponytail
    The side-ponytail look is rather boring if you don't mess up your hair a bit first. Before tying your hair, grab a handful of hair mousse and tussle it into your hair while scrunching it. Simple and chic for any day.
    Idea by Could I Have That.
  • Folded and Wrapped Ponytail 6 of 12
    Folded and Wrapped Ponytail
    This is the ponytail version of the "messy bun" look. It's a classic and effortless hairstyle that will have people questioning if you wake up and naturally look that good.
    Idea by Sidewalk Ready.
  • Side Braid Ponytail 7 of 12
    Side Braid Ponytail
    Begin by braiding along the side of your head and make sure that one braid is longer than the other. Tie the two ends together with a scrunchie and you're done! Play it up by curling the ends of your hair and pairing the look with a flowy dress.
    Idea by Hair Romance.
  • Side Wrapped Ponytail 8 of 12
    Side Wrapped Ponytail
    Turn heads with this cool side-wrapped ponytail. You will find that the ponytail may come loose; simply tuck in and secure your hair with small four-clawed clips inside the ponytail. I love wearing this look during a fancy brunch with my girlfriends!
    Idea by A Beautiful Mess.
  • Messy Side Ponytail 9 of 12
    Messy Side Ponytail
    This messy side ponytail is super chic dressed up or down. It's a simple look so going heavy or light on makeup wouldn't compromise the overall look.
    Idea by A Cup of Jo.
  • Ponytail/Bun Hybrid 10 of 12
    Ponytail/Bun Hybrid
    The two-in-one look is a fun way to play up the boring ponytail. The bun part of this hybrid look adds the illusion of volume and poof in your hair even if you have slick straight hair.
    Idea by The Mane Idea.
  • Messy Side Braid Pony 11 of 12
    Messy Side Braid Pony
    This messy side braid looks super cute if you begin braiding at the middle of your head. Toy around with the rest of your hair by creating soft wavy bangs or tucking fresh flowers in between the braids.
    Idea by A Beautiful Mess.
  • Slick Parted Ponytail 12 of 12
    Slick Parted Ponytail
    If you need a quick pick-me-up look but have no time, this slick-parted ponytail will do the trick. Tie a mid-to-high ponytail and apply non-flaky hair gel all over the head of your hair leaving your ponytail flow naturally.
    Photo by Jamie Beck.

Top photo: Join the Mood. All other photos from respective sources.

Chelsea Fuss is a blogger and prop stylist based in Portland who blogs daily at Frolic!

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