12 Retro Toy Remakes of 2012

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Retro toy remakes — new and “improved” versions of classic kids toys — was a big trend at the Toy Fair this year.

Some are fresh takes on the toys we all know and love, while others left us face-palming our foreheads.

Which remakes are you psyched about, and which leave you longing for the originals?

  • KNex TINKERTOY | Ages 3+ 1 of 12
    KNex TINKERTOY | Ages 3+
    Tinkertoy is back — with a plastic makeover. Designed to be sturdier than its wooden predecessor, the new Tinkertoy snaps together for continuous building and playing.

    Coming in fall 2012, $27.99 - $43.99
  • Battleship Deluxe | Ages 8+ 2 of 12
    Battleship Deluxe | Ages 8+
    The new and improved Battleship is an electronic version of the classic — changed slightly to coincide with a new Battleship movie that's set to come out in May. Featuring a new naval fleet fighting alien ship enemies, this isn't the basic Battleship we remember and love.

    Coming in April 2012, $39.99
  • Bop It! Smash | Ages 8+ 3 of 12
    Bop It! Smash | Ages 8+
    Is the original ‘90s Bop It! considered retro yet? Regardless, there's a new version coming out — designed to test reflexes and engage kids more than ever.

    Coming in fall 2012, $19.99
  • R2D2 Operation | Ages 6+ 4 of 12
    R2D2 Operation | Ages 6+
    Same concept, new patient. In classic Operation style, kids can now fix R2D2 — who whistles and bleeps rather than buzzes when they make a mistake.

    Available now at Toys R Us, $24.99
  • Twister Dance | Ages 6+ and 8+ 5 of 12
    Twister Dance | Ages 6+ and 8+
    The classic sleepover game for generations, Twister has two modern versions this year. The Twister Dance game (above) is basically like the video game Dance, Dance Revolution (coordinate dance moves with blinking lights) on a Twister mat — and it can create a dance game with any song on your MP3 player.

    Then there's a more classic version of the game — just refreshed a little. The new 2012 Twister will have a "Spinner's Choice" category, as well as a new "Air" move that has players raising a body part into the air while balancing.

    Coming in fall 2012, $14.99 (Twister Refresh) and $34.99 (Twister Dance)
  • Mashly in Love Mr. and Mrs. 60th Anniversary Edition | Ages 2+ 6 of 12
    Mashly in Love Mr. and Mrs. 60th Anniversary Edition | Ages 2+
    Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are celebrating their 60th anniversary this year — which calls for a vow renewal, naturally. This limited edition, 22-piece set includes wedding rings, a veil, and hands that hold. Awww!

    Coming in spring 2012, $14.99
  • My Little Pony Princess Wedding Castle | Ages 3+ 7 of 12
    My Little Pony Princess Wedding Castle | Ages 3+
    My Little Pony — an ‘80s classic, without a doubt — is getting a bit of a royal makeover (perhaps because of a certain royal wedding…). This wedding castle set includes the Princess Cadance pony and a first-ever groom pony named Shining Armor, marrying in the girliest of plastic play sets.

    Anyone else missing the original chunky ponies?

    Coming in fall 2012, $34.99
  • G.I. Joe | Ages 4+ 8 of 12
    G.I. Joe | Ages 4+
    My, Joe, how you've changed! The new G.I. Joe "action figures" are modeled to look like the upcoming movie characters — Channing Tatum included.

    Coming throughout the summer and fall 2012, $7.99
  • Crayola Mess Free Finger Painting | Ages 2+ 9 of 12
    Crayola Mess Free Finger Painting | Ages 2+
    Here's a new and improved version parents will love: the new Crayola finger paints only show up on their "magic" paper — not on clothes, skin, walls, or the dog.

    Coming in February 2012, $7.99
  • LEGO Monsters | Ages 7+ 10 of 12
    LEGO Monsters | Ages 7+
    Even with all of the LEGO licensing — Star Wars, The Hobbit, Disney, etc. — they decided to go back to the classics with their newest LEGO collection. Featuring original monsters, like the Werewolf and the Mummy, LEGO proves classics are classics for a reason.

    Coming in August 2012, $6.99 - $99.99
  • Paradox Box | Ages 8+ 11 of 12
    Paradox Box | Ages 8+
    Here's 2012's version of the brain-teasing Rubik's Cube. Drop a ball into the Paradox Box and twist and turn it through the maze — using only sound. No visuals. It's as challenging as it is addicting.

    Available now at, $29.95
  • My Friendship Bracelet Maker Traveler | Ages 6+ 12 of 12
    My Friendship Bracelet Maker Traveler | Ages 6+
    Classic friendship bracelets never go out of style — and now kids can make them much more easily with this travel set. My favorite part about this is the anti-bullying campaign that goes along with it, which you can learn more about here.

    Available now at, $19.99


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