12 Modern Wire Baskets for Your Home

When storing your possessions at home, why not get a little creative? Industrial wire baskets can be great storage solutions, and they provide the perfect opportunity to add some personality to your home decor. I’ve browsed the Web and gathered a handful of trendy pieces — some modern, and others vintage — that prove these pieces come in a variety of styles and forms to fit any need! (Especially if you happen to have the open shelving that’s all the rage. In which case, I’m jealous.) Here are 12 striking ways to take advantage of this home-design trend!

  • Wire Baskets 1 of 17

    I've gathered 12 wire baskets to help you corral any wayward vegetables, plates or party supplies. 

    I'm also including some inspiration photos if you need any styling ideas.

  • Marche Basket 2 of 17

    This simple basket looks vintage without the hunt and is available in three sizes. 

    From The Container Store, starting at $10. 

  • Plant in Basket 3 of 17

    Industrial baskets are extra charming when paired with a plant. 

    See this fabulous idea, and more, at Savvy Southern Style

  • Egg Basket 4 of 17

    This unique shape and handle make it perfect for corraling small toys and clutter.

    From Williams-Sonoma, $29. 

  • Mesh Basket with Handles 5 of 17

    Sometimes you need a different shape to balance all the corners. Or for when life hands you lemons. 

    From Crate and Barrel, starting at $15. 

  • Organize your Shelves 6 of 17

    West Elm has great ideas for incorporating industrial baskets into the home. Here they showcase a variety of basket options on open shelving. 

  • Chrome Storage Basket 7 of 17

    Definitely not vintage, but super useful, from onions to yarn, with no sharp wire to catch on unlike some of the options. 

    From The Container Store, $17.

  • Lined Stacking Basket 8 of 17

    Lined baskets not only protect your items, handy if you're storing plates for example, but also help mask the any chaos inside. 

    From Williams-Sonoma, $ 80.

  • Charlotte Wire Baskets 9 of 17

    Charmingly lined baskets of "chicken coop" wire in a variety of useful sizes.  

    From World Market, from $8. 

  • Baskets in a Library 10 of 17

    This small library uses the Charlotte wire baskets to organize family hobby ephemera. 

    From Designing Around

  • Market Basket 11 of 17

    West Elm's Market collection has a variety of fun and funky wire baskets. This one can store anything from newspapers to polar bears. 

    From West Elm, $29.

  • Wholesale Baskets 12 of 17

    If you need a lot of wire baskets (or just a few, they sell them individually), you just can't beat the price for these baskets. 

    From Lucky Clover Trading Company, $6 ($6!). 

  • French Basket 13 of 17

    Etsy is the go to source for charming, authentically vintage baskets like this French oyster basket. 

    From French Gypsy, $73. 

  • Bathroom Organization 14 of 17

    Baskets are a great way to hold all the odds and ends in the bathroom (and your extra large sea sponges).

    Restoration Hardware incorporates them with style.

  • Vintage Baskets 15 of 17

    These baskets were used to wash dishes in a previous life, so you know they can handle whatever you dish out (ha!). 

    From Junk is the New Black, $26. 

  • Vintage Baskets for Display 16 of 17

    Display a treasured collection in a basket of the same era. 

    From The Artifactory Studio, $65. 

  • Mesh Basket 17 of 17

    Crafted by hand, stackable and versatile enough for the kitchen or the mudroom. 

    From Restoration Hardware, $49. 

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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