13 Style Trends We Hope Disappear in 2013

2012 had a very distinct style to it — some good (colored jeans, oxblood lips, leather accents, etc.) and some, inevitably, not as good (neon hair, over-the-top prints, couture pajamas, etc.).

Here are 13 style trends that I hope disappear (or at least quietly diminish) in 2013:

  • Ombre + Dip-Dyed Hair 1 of 13
    Ombre + Dip-Dyed Hair
    The time has come and passed for ombre hair — only because it was so big in 2012 that it's almost over-done. And although plenty of celebs (and non-celebs) had fun with neon dip-dyed hair (a colorful ombre, if you will), I'm hoping it's out of everyone's system by now. Again, a little over-done for 2013.
    Photo: Menu de Moda
  • Leggings as Pants 2 of 13
    Leggings as Pants
    This was not a strict 2012 trend, nor will it completely disappear in 2013 — but a girl can hope. I see this over and over and over again — the cropped top and leggings. Under a dress? Perfect. Wearing a long tunic that covers your behind? Sure. But the T-shirt and leggings look looks immature at best and vulgar at worst. Let's move on, ladies.
    Photo: Sonali Patel; Her Campus
  • Meggings 3 of 13
    WHAT is happening here? At the end of 2012, "meggings" became a thing — and it's gaining momentum. What do you think? Are you attracted to the male leggings?
    See more about the "megging" trend from ABC News
  • Super Shiny Skinnies 4 of 13
    Super Shiny Skinnies
    While I'm all for the faux-leather look, and I actually do think this can look good on a certain body type, I'm hoping this 2012 trend doesn't get any bigger in 2013. I really don't want to see shiny skinny jeans taking over the department store racks, only because most people will find the look unflattering.
    Photo: H&M
  • Spiky Spikes 5 of 13
    Spiky Spikes
    A little edgy accent here and there is fine, but holy spikes in 2012. The trend quickly jumped from studs to spikes, and they took over everything — shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. I'd love to tone it down in 2013 and stop being afraid that your shoes will puncture my skin.
    Photo: My Fashion Cents
  • The Pajama Trend 6 of 13
    The Pajama Trend
    This trend ranged from wearable smoking slippers to full-out pajamas in public. Celebrities like Jessica Alba wore pajamas on the red carpet, and designer after designer sent couture pajama pants down the runways. I applaud the efforts to make fashion comfy, but this was a little...strange.
    PHILOSOPHY DI ALBERTA FERRETTI , Piamita Isabella , Winter Kate Jacket , Betsey Johnson Velvet Smoking Slippers
  • Lensless Glasses 7 of 13
    Lensless Glasses
    What is this trend about? Apparently it's big in Asia right now, and more celebrities started wearing them in 2012.
    Photo: Ali Express
  • Suspender Tights 8 of 13
    Suspender Tights
    Made famous by celebs like Rhianna and Paris Hilton, I have to say, for me, suspender tights are more crude than cute.
    Photo: ASOS
  • Heel-Less Shoes 9 of 13
    Heel-Less Shoes
    These Giuseppe Zanotti heel-less platforms caused quite a stir in 2012 — as did other similar mind-bending shoes that popped up on the market. Not just a runway idea, these bad boys were on the feet of many fashionista women, willing to defy logic and sanity. While they are, in fact, wearable, I say no thanks. My ankles thank me.
    Photo: @bergdorfs
  • Festive UGG Boots 10 of 13
    Festive UGG Boots
    By now you know that I am not an UGG fan, and I get it — they're warm and they're comfy and they're not for fashion. But these? These are ridiculous. Stop it. Stop it now.
    Photo: Zappos
  • Hair Chalk 11 of 13
    Hair Chalk
    A fun summery trend for 2012, I think it's best to leave hair chalk as a pleasant memory. Unless, of course, you got caught in a rain storm. Or you didn't particularly like the feel of dry, matted hair. In that case, the memory isn't all that pleasant.
    Photo: The Beauty Department
  • LOUD Pants 12 of 13
    LOUD Pants
    Pants can't get much crazier than the over-the-top designs seen everywhere from Forever21 to J.Crew. 2012 was the year of the statement pants — and a statement they were. This trend very well might bleed over into 2013 (especially with animal prints), but here's to hoping it's a toned-down version.
    Photo: ASOS
  • Electric Blue Eyes 13 of 13
    Electric Blue Eyes
    Jewel-toned eyes were extremely popular in 2012, and as much as I love purple and jade as a pop of color, the electric blue straddled the line between "trendy" and "trashy."
    Photo: Sephora



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