14 Favs from the CB2 Fall Collection

The CB2 fall collection has just been released (online, in catalogs, and now getting to stores). As usual, there’s a lot to love. New shapes and colors brighten up their furnishings, and the accessories they’re known for are right on target.

  • Favorites from CB2’s Fall Collection 1 of 16
    New for Fall from CB2

    Pendants, sofas, bedding and more. 

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  • Loft Pendant 2 of 16

    The combination of wood and faceted clear glass make this a lovely addition to any space. 

    From CB2, $150. 

  • Porter Bar Car 3 of 16

    Every home needs a bar cart, right? Well, maybe not every home, but this one is quite stylish. 

    From CB2, $400. 

  • Suitor Loveseat 4 of 16

    This is by far my favorite piece of the new collection. Those legs, that back, that stripe!

    From CB2, $1,200. 

  • Eucalyptus Boxes 5 of 16

    Add a little flair to your storage retinue. Perfect for towels or toys. 

    From CB2, $25. 

  • Brass Wire Cubes 6 of 16

    A little shine, a little sculpture, a little geometry. What more do you need? 

    From CB2 ,$14.95 for the set. 

  • Cypress Pillow 7 of 16

    Gorgeous watercolor that's right on trend. 

    From CB2, $35. 

  • Mod Moroccan Bed Linens 8 of 16

    Love this in the peacock, although the yellow and gray are nice too. 

    From CB2, $90 for the queen set. 

  • Wud Walnut Platters 9 of 16

    The walnut on these platters is lovely, but the bright rim of color takes them over the top. 

    From CB2, $50. 

  • Sweep Baskets 10 of 16

    Clean the floors and organize your toys with just one simple item! (OK, maybe not.)

    From CB2, $70 for two. 

  • Galvanized Bins 11 of 16

    Stylishly tote and store all your bits and bobs. 

    From CB2, $17 - $22. 

  • Ember Coffee Table 12 of 16

    The description states that the top is wood, not steel, with the grain showing through.

    From CB2, $350. 

  • Aqua Virgo Dining Table 13 of 16

    Traditional lines meet modern finishes. 

    From CB2, $500. 

  • Andes Concrete Bed 14 of 16

    This new weathered gray finish on the popular Andes bed is a winner. 

    From CB2, $850

  • Facetta Chair 15 of 16

    Pull up a new shape for your desk. The angles and teal wool here are perfect. 

    From CB2, $400. 

  • Capitol Pendant 16 of 16

    Large and in charge, this oversize pendant will make a striking statement in any space. 

    From CB2, $300. 

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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