14 Stroller Accessories You Don’t Know You Need

Is your stroller your home-away-from-home? Your shopping cart? Your primary mode of exercise?

Here are 14 stroller accessories that you might not realize you need/want:

  • 1. Tray Vous for Bugaboo strollers, $49.95 1 of 14
    1. Tray Vous for Bugaboo strollers, $49.95
    You love your Bugaboo -- you really do -- but you could really use a snack/activity tray for your frequent on-the-go strolls. Right? And because Bugaboo doesn't offer a snack tray attachment, one mom decided to make her own. Lauren Moore, a San Diego mom, designed and patented the only flat-surfaced snack and activity tray for the Bugaboo Frog and Cameleon strollers. It took her about four years to develop it, but it's now gaining popularity in multiple countries. Gotta love a mother's ingenuity!
  • 2. Stroll by Petunia Pickle Bottom, $149.99 2 of 14
    2. Stroll by Petunia Pickle Bottom, $149.99
    This new luxurious stroller bunting bag is lined with super soft chenille in a pretty PPB-fabric pattern. (Designed to fit MOST strollers and can be used until around your baby's first birthday or 30".)
  • 3. Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy, 2-Pack for $3.99 3 of 14
    3. Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy, 2-Pack for $3.99
    These tether straps snap on anywhere you need them -- stroller, car seat, high chair, etc.
  • 4. Jumbo Swirly Hook, $9.99 4 of 14
    4. Jumbo Swirly Hook, $9.99
    If you use your stroller as your main shopping cart, you'll need somewhere to hang your shopping bags. (Note: not for light umbrella strollers, which could tip the back of the stroller.) This extra-wide aluminum hook attaches with velcro to any stroller, and is designed to hold multiple bags.
  • 5. Ankle Weights 5 of 14
    5. Ankle Weights
    But if you ARE worried about your lightweight stroller tipping over from shopping bags on the back, just add some ankle weights to the front! We saw this brilliant (BRILLIANT!) tip over at Parent Hacks a few years back.
  • 6. Soft Buggy Cup 6 of 14
    6. Soft Buggy Cup
    This soft cup holder (that easily attaches to most strollers) is perfect for holding your Starbucks, your keys or some snacks. You can even drawstring the top closed, if you need. And because it's made from soft materials, you don't have to remove it when you collapse the stroller.
  • 7. Buggyguard Retractable Stroller Lock, $24.95 7 of 14
    7. Buggyguard Retractable Stroller Lock, $24.95
    Need to keep your stroller unaccessible to thieves and hooligans? This stroller lock is perfect for those who leave their strollers outside of restaurants or nursery school, as well as frequent travelers.
  • 8. Buggyguard B-Hook, $9.99 8 of 14
    8. Buggyguard B-Hook, $9.99
    Worried about someone snagging the shopping bags hanging from your stroller? The Buggy Guard's genius B-Hook allows multiple bags to hang on a locked hook.
  • 9. Demi Milan Compact Stroller Organizer, $14.95 9 of 14
    9. Demi Milan Compact Stroller Organizer, $14.95
    Need some extra storage for drinks, snacks, cell phones and keys? This attachable storage organizer fits pretty much all strollers and is affordable to boot.
  • 10. Mountainbuggy Freerider, $99 10 of 14
    10. Mountainbuggy Freerider, $99
    One of the hottest stroller accessories is the attachable "skateboard" for older kids, giving them the option to either walk or ride without a bulky double stroller. It started with the Orbit Baby Sidekick, but the idea was quickly adapted for many different stroller companies -- although our favorite is from Mountainbuggy. The Freerider can be used as a stand-alone scooter or can be attached to any Mountainbuggy stroller (above). Even better? The Freerider will soon be attachable to the Phil + Teds stroller line, as well as the Bugaboo Cameleon, BOB Revolution, Britax Strider Plus, Easywalker Duo and Baby Jogger City Mini.
  • 11. Maclaren Sunshade, $45 11 of 14
    11. Maclaren Sunshade, $45
    One of Maclaren's most recent accessory additions is this attachable extra-large sunshade, providing UPF 50 protection for up to 99% of UVA and UVB rays. It attaches to all Maclaren strollers and most umbrella strollers (that have a hood), so you don't have to go buy a new stroller just because of an inadequate shade.
  • 12. SnoozeShade, $34.99 12 of 14
    12. SnoozeShade, $34.99
    Tired of a draped blanket falling during your baby's on-the-go nap? Wish you could block out more of the glaring sun? The SnoozeShade (made of breathable fabric) blocks out 94% of the sun (and provides UPF 50 protection) for a dark and cozy daytime nap.
  • 13. My Blue Bumbershoot, $19.99 13 of 14
    13. My Blue Bumbershoot, $19.99
    Your baby is nestled warm and dry under a stroller rain cover, but what about you? What, you can't navigate with one hand and hold an umbrella in the other? You can't brave the elements? If you're looking for a solution, this full-coverage umbrella attaches to any stroller's handlebar and then easily collapses when not in use.
  • 14. Tag*a*long 14 of 14
    14. Tag*a*long
    If your big kid prefers to walk rather than ride (see ya, double stroller!), this is one of the smartest stroller accessories you can buy.

What are your must-have stroller accessories?

1. Tray Vous

2. Petunia Pickle Bottom

3. Amazon

4. Think King

5. Parent Hacks

6. Think King

7. Buggyguard via Amazon

8. Buggyguard (B-Hook)

9. Carry You

10. Mountainbuggy Freerider

11. Maclaren

12. Amazon

13. Think Geek

14. Amazon via Top 10 Travel Gear

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