15 Adorable Handmade Valentines

Looking for inspiration for homemade Valentines? Look no further. We’ve pulled together 15 of the most creative, clever, beautiful Valentines from all our favorite places. Whether you just want to make one or two elaborate beauties, or enough for a whole classroom full in less than a couple hours, we’re sure there is something here for you. See them all after the jump.

  • Cross Stitch Valentine 1 of 15
    Cross Stitch Valentine
    If you are looking for a special, one-off Valentine, this might be just the thing.
    More details at Aesthetic Outburst
  • Valentine Fortunes 2 of 15
    Valentine Fortunes
    These felt fortune cookies would make a fun trinket to hold onto.
    More details at Craft Stylish
  • Heart Envelopes 3 of 15
    Heart Envelopes
    Write your Valentine message inside this heart, then fold it up into a sweet package ready to tuck into a Valentines box, your sweethearts pocket, or if you make it large enough, in the mail.
    More details at Martha Stewart
  • Pencil Toppers 4 of 15
    Pencil Toppers
    This simple sewing project would be a great way to make Valentines for a whole class.
    More details at Alpha Mom
  • Heart and Arrow Bracelets 5 of 15
    Heart and Arrow Bracelets
    For this simple project, all you need is felt, scissors and some little buttons.
    More details at Katie Did
  • Valentine Print Making 6 of 15
    Valentine Print Making
    Try this elementary print making technique to create a valentine stamp.
    More details at Better Homes and Gardens
  • Fabric Scrap Valentines 7 of 15
    Fabric Scrap Valentines
    Whip these up with a sewing machine, cardstock and leftover bits of bright, patterned fabrics.
    More details at Purl Bee
  • Valentine Medals 8 of 15
    Valentine Medals
    These would be a great project for kids to make for teachers or moms and dads.
    More details at Aesthetic Outburst
  • Love Struck Arrows 9 of 15
    Love Struck Arrows
    These arrows are made from just cardboard, paint and some clay. They're designed to be placecard holders, but I can think of dozens of uses and variations for these.
    More details at Fellow Fellow
  • Secret Message Valentines 10 of 15
    Secret Message Valentines
    Wouldn't it be fun for kids to hand out these Valentines with miniature watercolor palettes?
    More details at Better Homes and Gardens
  • Confetti Valentines 11 of 15
    Confetti Valentines
    I love the fish scale effect of the layers on confetti. This looks like it would take a little more time and patience—maybe a project for bigger kids?
    More details at Essimar
  • Wild Things Valentines 12 of 15
    Wild Things Valentines
    Assemble these wild animal themed valentines with animal action figures and the printable packaging.
    More details at Design Mom
  • Magnifying Glass Valentine 13 of 15
    Magnifying Glass Valentine
    Here's another great option for a candy-free Valentine.
    More details at Dandee
  • Superhero Valentines 14 of 15
    Superhero Valentines
    I know a lot of little boys who would go crazy for these Tootsie Pop super hero Valentines.
    More details at Zakka Life
  • DIY Candy Packs 15 of 15
    DIY Candy Packs
    Use tiny cellophane bags to repackage candies into personalized Valentines.
    More details at Martha Stewart



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