15+ Amazing Loft Bed Ideas for Kids

The loft bed, always a great way to create more space in a small room, or a more imaginary play place. From a room fit for a prince, to a clever space saving nook, we’ve got ideas galore to be inspired by.  Above: Foreldremanualen.  See the slideshow after the jump!

  • The Storybook Treehouse Loft 1 of 17
    A beautifully designed treehouse-style loft.
    (Via Cookie Magazine (RIP).
  • The Sports Loft 2 of 17
    An IKEA loft with a sports-inspired theme.
    (Via familyliving.se).
  • A loft fit for a knight. 3 of 17
    A little castle-inspired loft (complete with crests).
    (Via car-moebel.de).
  • A loft fit for a princess. 4 of 17
    Pretty whites and purples (with a lovely peek-a-boo curtain).
    (Via car-moebel.de).
  • A fun floating bed. 5 of 17
    No safety bars here, and a fun treehouse-like ladder.
    (Via familyliving.se).
  • A built-in for a small space. 6 of 17
    A traditional look.
    (Via housetohome.co.uk).
  • A custom-build loft. 7 of 17
    Create a little cabin reading room below complete with window.
    (Via booli.se).
  • A real room in a pocket-sized space. 8 of 17
    When height is adequate, but the room is small - imagine a mezanine as a complete module integrating all functions - work, storage, sleep.
    (Via ducotedechezvous.com).
  • A room at your fingertips! 9 of 17
    A multi-functional module that leaves plenty of space to play.
    (Via ducotedechezvous.com).
  • A child’s bedroom on the mezzanine in the attic. 10 of 17
    Create a mezzanine to get the full benefits of volume in the attic. Under the bed height, a reading area and place to hang out.
    (Via ducotedechezvous.com).
  • For the Smaller Child 11 of 17
    A loft bed that ideally fits in a children bedroom, and offers a playing area. This one enables two different spaces : a night one with the loft bed secured by its guardrails, and a playing area underneath. An inventive staircase made of drawers for storage. Note a headboard shelf for the bedside lamp.
    (Via Espace Loggia).
  • For the Teen/Student (Dorm) 12 of 17
    A great space to study.
    (Via Espace Loggia).
  • The Ultimate Small Space Solution 13 of 17
    A small sized loft with a shelf/stairwell.
    (Via foreldremanualen.no).
  • A colonial-style bunk bed with bottom bed removed. 14 of 17
    (Via fri.dk).
  • A cosy nook! 15 of 17
    Create a private space by hanging curtains.
    (Via ikeafamilylive.com).
  • A clever set up. 16 of 17
    Love this custom-built with the private space below, spiral-like stairs and storage space.
    (Via marieclairemaison.com).
  • Sleep in the clouds! 17 of 17
    Or so it seems, with everything white - this loft is hardly noticeable.
    (Via skonahem).


For more ideas, check out The Boo and the Boy (where most of these links were found).

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