15 Amazing Party Supplies

There’s nothing like good, old-fashioned party supplies! Check out this secret source for charming party favors and decorations from confetti to paper fringe.

  • White and Gold Giant Cornucopia 1 of 15
    White and Gold Giant Cornucopia
    A giant cornucopia filled with prizes like little toys and candy.
    $45 at Tops Malibu
  • Gift Tags 2 of 15
    Gift Tags
    Calligraphy tags for gifts and favors.
    $3 at Tops Malibu
  • Treasure Candles 3 of 15
    Treasure Candles
    Light this candle at the beginning of dinner and by dessert, the candles has melted to reveal a prize!
    $28 at Tops Malibu
  • Conversation Game 4 of 15
    Conversation Game
    A get to know you game based around pasta! The checkered packaging is irresistible!
    $18 at Tops Malibu
  • Surprise Cornucopia 5 of 15
    Surprise Cornucopia
    These giant cornucopias come in an array of colors and make the perfect party favors. Each one opens to reveal fun prizes. Click to the next slide to see them.
    $45 at Tops Malibu
  • Inside the Cornucopia 6 of 15
    Inside the Cornucopia
    Inside the giant cornucopias are these fun prizes!
    $45 at Tops Malibu
  • Surprise Cones! 7 of 15
    Surprise Cones!
    Inside these bright little cones you will find: butterfly confetti, feathers, organic lollipops and more! Super charming favors for any party.
    $15 at Tops Malibu
  • Deluxe Surprise Balls 8 of 15
    Deluxe Surprise Balls
    Under layers of colorful crepe paper, you'll find vintage toys, candy and other prizes. Deluxe size!
    $17.50 at Tops Malibu
  • Sweet Notes Surprise Ball 9 of 15
    Sweet Notes Surprise Ball
    These little surprise balls are made from felt and raffia and are available in a 3" size. They can even be personalized for party favors!
    $10 at Tops Malibu
  • Plain Surprise Balls 10 of 15
    Plain Surprise Balls
    Here are some plain surprise balls that you can decorate yourself to match your party theme.
    $49.80 for a set at Tops Malibu
  • Sparklettes 11 of 15
    Party sparklers with charming, colorful packaging.
    $12 at Tops Malibu
  • Poof Balls 12 of 15
    Poof Balls
    This is a European party game that involves blowing the balls through tubes at other party guests. Sounds like fun!
    $6 at Tops Malibu
  • Party Horns 13 of 15
    Party Horns
    An original design from the 1940's. No party is complete with out these frilly party horns.
    $12 at Tops Malibu
  • Fringe Table Decoration 14 of 15
    Fringe Table Decoration
    Colorful, paper fringe to decorate your party tables!
    $15.50 at Tops Malibu
  • Confetti Fountain 15 of 15
    Confetti Fountain
    Pull the string and out shoots confetti!
    $9.90 at Tops Malibu

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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