15 Awesome DIY's of the Week!

It seems the DIY world is on fire these days; everywhere you turn, there’s another amazing idea to bookmark it’s definitely inspiring! Just this week alone I was super-busy bookmarking amazing idea after idea; I love that!  So I thought it would be fun to share a few of those finds with you.  And just as an FYI – I’m totally going to try and make the mason jar audio speakers! So fun! Check out my DIY picks below:

  • DIY Chandelier 1 of 15
    DIY Chandelier
    A super-easy DIY using industrial bulb cages and some IKEA HEMMA cord sets.
    Get the DIY at Daily Candy
  • No Fuss No Muss Coffee Table 2 of 15
    No Fuss No Muss Coffee Table
    Create a fuss-free coffee table using books and glass with frame.
    Get the DIY at Apartment Therapy (Image: Rima Campbell/Ann's East Village Aerie)
  • Bolo Rug Pillow Tutorial 3 of 15
    Bolo Rug Pillow Tutorial
    Make some pillow covers using dollar store bolo rugs.
    Get the DIY at Simple Design
  • DIY Painting 4 of 15
    DIY Painting
    A simple painting anyone can do!
    Get the DIY at Dans le Townhouse
  • Mason Jars — Audio Speakers 5 of 15
    Mason Jars — Audio Speakers
    Thought you've seen everything made with mason jars? I bet that you haven't seen audio speakers yet! This one's just for inspiration by, but you can get DIY audio speaker instructions at
  • Natural Branch Coasters 6 of 15
    Natural Branch Coasters
    Make some rustic looking coasters from a fallen tree.
    Get the DIY at Garden Therapy
  • Fun Cups 7 of 15
    Fun Cups
    Make some fun drinking glasses using porcelain pens.
    Get the DIY at Estéfi Machado
  • DIY Embroidered Flower Basket 8 of 15
    DIY Embroidered Flower Basket
    The Ladies at Hello Lucky came up with this fun embroidered flower basket idea - perfect for a summer patio!
    Find the how-to at Hello Lucky
  • Flip Flop Refashion 9 of 15
    Flip Flop Refashion
    Make your flip flops stand out with these cool fabric covers.
    Get the DIY at Morena's Corner
  • Tie Dye Bleached Shorts 10 of 15
    Tie Dye Bleached Shorts
    Have fun with a little tie dye and make some awesome shorts for the weekend!
    Get the DIY at Sprinkle's Insprings
  • Maxi Collar Shirt 11 of 15
    Maxi Collar Shirt
    An amazing DIY this one! (In Spanish but the images should make it straight forward). Via Not Martha.
    Get the DIY at Super Ziper
  • Make Stamps 12 of 15
    Make Stamps
    Make some cool new stamps with this DIY out of Australia!
    Get the DIY at Unusual Magic
  • Upcycled T-shirt Bracelets 13 of 15
    Upcycled T-shirt Bracelets
    A fun afternoon project you can wear that evening!
    <iGet the DIY at Saved by Love Creations
  • Sparkle Hair Clips 14 of 15
    Sparkle Hair Clips
    Sparkle up your hair with some pretty sparkle hair clips!
    Get the DIY at Penelope and Pip
  • Sculptural Flower Pillow 15 of 15
    Sculptural Flower Pillow
    Make a 3D sculptural flower-like pillow.
    Get the DIY at Apartment Therapy (Images from Burlap and Blue)

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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