15 Beautiful Bicycle Accessories

Whether you are a daily commuter or just like to ride on the weekends, owning a bike definitely requires a few accessories to ride safely and efficiently. There’s no reason that helmets, bags, or locks should be unattractive or sporty (if that’s not your style).  I found my bike basket at a thrift shop (it’s an old fishing basket) and wired it to the front. It definitely comes in handy for carrying tools and a water bottle and I love the way it looks. Here are a few of my favorite classic and beautiful accessories for bicycling.

  • Nautical Reflector Vest 1 of 15
    Nautical Reflector Vest
    Even a reflector vest can be cute. Check out these great idea from blogger, Anabela at Fieldguided.
    DIY idea at Fieldguided.
    Original idea from Bobbin Bicycles.
  • Tool Bag 2 of 15
    Tool Bag
    This beautiful leather bag is based on an original 1896 design by Brooks. Fits perfectly behind the saddle.
    $99.99 at Adeline Adeline.
  • Large Wicker Bicycle Basket 3 of 15
    Large Wicker Bicycle Basket
    This classic basket can carry anything from your laptop to your groceries.
    72 Euro at Abici Italia.
  • Felt Cap 4 of 15
    Felt Cap
    Wear this cap under your helmet or alone.
    $20 at La Perle Petite.
  • Felt Bag 5 of 15
    Felt Bag
    This smart felt bag fits nicely on the frame of a bike to carry tools or your wallet.
    $180 at Adeline Adeline.
  • Italian Wool Cap 6 of 15
    Italian Wool Cap
    This lovely Italian wool cap is great for riding.
    40 Euro at Abici Italia.
  • Wallet Teather 7 of 15
    Wallet Teather
    Secure your wallet to a belt look with this great tether. Made by Tanner Goods.
    $58 at Tanner Goods.
  • Rain Cape 8 of 15
    Rain Cape
    This rain cape is great for riding because it can fold up easily and dries quickly.
    $52 at Karmology Clinic.
  • Market Bag 9 of 15
    Market Bag
    This 100% cotton market bag attaches easily to most rack systems. It also includes a handy shoulder strap.
    $139.99 at Adeline Adeline.
  • Simple Bike Helmet 10 of 15
    Simple Bike Helmet
    This simple, utilitarian design is a great helmet option.
    $60 at Public Bikes.
  • Bike Lock 11 of 15
    Bike Lock
    Lock up your bike with this colorful lock from Italy.
    100 Euro at Abici Italia.
  • Leather Bag 12 of 15
    Leather Bag
    This limited edition bag is based on a Brooks design from the 1950's.
    $295 at Adeline Adeline.
  • Trouser Straps 13 of 15
    Trouser Straps
    These leather trouser straps will last through wear and tear.
    20 Euro at Abici Italia.
  • Cable Lock 14 of 15
    Cable Lock
    This simple, utilitarian cable lock is a great way to protect your bicycle and give you peace of mind.
    $9.50 at Adeline Adeline.
  • Tire Pump 15 of 15
    Tire Pump
    A beautiful, classic tire pump is made of aluminum and wood.
    $65 at Adeline Adeline.

Top photo: Adeline Adeline. All photos from respective sources.

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