15 Charming Ways to Send Mail!

I want to send more real letters! I definitely did better last year than in previous year. I wrote handwritten notes and managed to work my way through a stash of letterpress stationery. But the guilt of my Christmas card failure is catching up to me and I want to reach out to friends and family through snail mail. I got excited when I spotted some of these incredibly clever paper goods. Surprising someone with a paper crown card for their birthday or a frame worthy painted bird card is just a really lovely way to send a note. Check out more of my favorites, below.

  • Dotted Envelope 1 of 15
    Send a letter in this charming dotted envelope. An array of colors are available.
    $6.60 per 4 at Uguisi
  • Crown Card 2 of 15
    Make someone's birthday with this clever crown card! Click through the link to see how the card folds out into a little crown.
    $5.95 at Present and Correct
  • Letterpress Thank You Note 3 of 15
    For the minimalists, this simple letterpress thank you form, is a refreshing twist on the standard Thank You note.
    $15 for a set of 5 at Fox & Anchor
  • Japanese Envelope 4 of 15
    Created by Tokyo based illustrator, ai., these envelopes feature stars, birds and trees in a gorgeous color selection of greys, blues, and pinks.
    $6.60 per 4 at Uguisi
  • Bird Greeting Card 5 of 15
    The details on this die-cut bird greeting card are so lovely, it's like a little work of art, sent in the mail!
    $9.60 at Uguisi
  • Window Envelopes + Patterned Cards 6 of 15
    Surprise the recipient with these clever window envelopes! Each envelope has a cut out circle and you can choose which end of the cart to showcase in the window. Each section of the card has a different pattern! These window envelopes also work great for showcasing photographs or hand-written addresses. There are all sorts of clever ways to use them!
    $8.20 at Uguisi
  • Mini Letterpress Notecards 7 of 15
    Covered in gorgeous letterpressed patterns, these tiny cards are presented in little matchbooks! The cards look lovely attached to a plant or gift.
    $6.80 at Uguisi
  • Camera Card 8 of 15
    The perfect card for the photographer in your life! Slide a photo are message inside the little lens window.
    $4.10 at Uguisi
  • Strawberry Notecards 9 of 15
    Sold as a pair, these charming strawberries make the sweetest little notes.
    $3.60 at Uguisi
  • Pigeon Card 10 of 15
    Handmade in Tokyo, this darling little pigeon card has movable wings where you can write a little message. Attach this to a gift for a super charming presentation.
    $5.50 at Uguisi
  • Sweater Card 11 of 15
    Though these are meant as Christmas cards, I think they could be used all winter long. The pack of 4 includes 3 sweaters and a mitten graphic. All screenprinted. Simply adorable!
    $16 at Katy Goutefangea on Etsy
  • Dotted Envelope 12 of 15
    Mix and match these dotted envelopes with colorful cards for a fun presentation!
    $9.80 for a pack of 10 at Uguisi
  • Graphic Address Label 13 of 15
    Make the address easy to see with these graphic arrow labels.
    £5.50/pack of 5 at Present and Correct
  • Label Stickers 14 of 15
    Though they look like vintage labels, these are actually stickers. I love the gorgeous blue, lavender, and cream colors!
    $5.50 at Uguisi
  • Vintage Labels 15 of 15
    Use these old labels for gift tags or address labels for a gorgeous presentation!
    £4.75 at Present and Correct

Chelsea Fuss is a blogger and prop stylist based in Portland who blogs daily at Frolic!

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