15 Cool Tattoo Ideas for Moms

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I’m not a very impulsive person — I tend to plan and dwell and weigh my options — but about a year ago I found myself in a tattoo parlor, inking my wrist. My husband (who is very much a tattoo lover) was planning on getting a tattoo of our son’s birthday in roman numerals, and before I knew it I found myself in the chair getting the number  27 tattooed on my wrist. To be fair, I have a long and eerie connection to the number 27 — way beyond superstition or coincidence — and it’s the most appropriate tattoo I could ever think of. It’s a reminder of the significant constant in my life — as well as my 2.7 baby. It’s me.

But now that my son is old enough to say, “Mommy, what’s that?” and “Mommy, draw on me,” I think, CRAP. What did I do?

When it comes to my own body, I love the idea of personalizing myself with something meaningful and important — but what about my child? With his pure, virginal, undamaged skin? Skin that I made from scratch? As much as I want him to be his own person — comfortably and confidently — I wonder how growing up with two tattooed parents will affect him. I wonder how that discussion will go. I wonder if it will encourage or discourage his own tattoo ideas. I wonder if it actually matters at all.

But then when I think beyond my newborn’s untouched skin — when I think about the person I’m raising him to be — I’m not sure I’ll be as anti-tattoo as I am now. We don’t have much say in the way we look, the way we act, the way we were made, but tattoos are a way of taking ownership of our bodies. Marking our stamp. Who am I to deny him that? I just hope it’s significant and creative. And that he thinks about it for longer than 20 minutes.

What about you? Are you an inked mom? If you’re looking for tattoo ideas, here are 15 cool ideas — especially for parents:

1. Let it be

An important reminder for parents.

2. Matryoshka dolls

A unique approach to symbolize your little girls.

3. Love is enough

Another reminder for parents.

4. No fear

We included this one only because it’s a discreet tattoo location for moms who want to hide their ink.

5. Make a wish

A symbol of the hopes and wishes you have for your children. You could even correlate the number of birds with the number of children you have.

6. Roman numerals

Similar to my tattoo, these date tattoos are pretty for tattooing birth dates.

7. Children’s names

A beautiful calligraphy tattoo of two daughter names.

8. Birth dates

A pretty location for your children’s birthdays.

9. Handwriting

Wouldn’t it be cute to permanently capture your child’s handwriting?

10. Balloon lift

Here’s a sweet idea: Add a balloon for every child, niece, nephew and grandchild, until you have a bundle of balloons to lift you up.

11. With every heartbeat

A sweet way to remember the tiny heartbeats that were once inside of your body.

12. I carry your heart

Another way to remember your pregnancy.

13. This too shall pass

Probably the most appropriate mantra of motherhood.

14. Color system

LOVE this idea for mom and dad.

15. Vivian girls

This tattoo of Henry Darger’s Vivian Girls would be such a creative way to symbolize your daughters.

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