15 Coolest Nature Crafts for Kids

As fall approaches and the summer heat is cooling off, there is no better place to be than outdoors. We love kids’ crafts, especially ones that incorporate natural elements and a child’s imagination. Here’s a round-up of 15 inspiring natural and eco-friendly crafts for kids. Keep reading to see them all plus their links…

  • Upcycled Owls 1 of 15
    Upcycled Owls
    These adorable owls are made from cardboard tubes. You can use paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls. Recycling at its cutest.
    Read more at Natural Kid Steam.
  • Mushroom Rocks 2 of 15
    Mushroom Rocks
    These painted rocks are instantly transformed into mushrooms. These would be a perfect craft for a woodland-themed party.
    Get the how-to at
  • Wrapped Sticks 3 of 15
    Wrapped Sticks
    These sticks wrapped in silky pastel thread make my heart skip a beat.
    Inspiration via Yoth.
  • Walnut Shell Boats 4 of 15
    Walnut Shell Boats
    We LOVE these little boats. Made from simple materials like walnut shells and craft paper.
    See more at Alessia Scrap & Craft.
  • Painted Sticks 5 of 15
    Painted Sticks
    Driftwood painted in stripes. I love the idea of a bunch of these as a centerpiece.
    Inspiration via Maize Hutton.
  • Acorn Jewelry 6 of 15
    Acorn Jewelry
    Your little ones can adorn themselves with these straight-from-the-earth jewels.
    See the tutorial at 5 Orange Potatoes.
  • Weaving Sticks 7 of 15
    Weaving Sticks
    Some beautiful inspiration from artist, Jenny Rieke. This is a study of weaving sticks.
    See more at Jennifer Rieke.
  • Gather Flowers 8 of 15
    Gather Flowers
    This is such a beautiful idea for gathering flowers. Use your favorite fabric and some found sticks.
    Inspiration via Heather Bullard.
  • Native Corn Jewelry 9 of 15
    Native Corn Jewelry
    These necklaces are so whimsical and would make for a fun fall project.
    See the tutorial at Garden Mama.
  • Painted Rocks 10 of 15
    Painted Rocks
    These painted rocks make me happy. Perfect good luck charms.
    More inspiration Denise Scicluna.
  • Willow Whistle 11 of 15
    Willow Whistle
    These whistles will be fun to make (for older kids) and even more fun to play with.
    Tutorials over at Wiki How.
  • Leaf Paintings 12 of 15
    Leaf Paintings
    This simple and affordable craft would make for a fun playdate for preschoolers and beyond.
    Via Katie Brown.
  • Photo Cairn 13 of 15
    Photo Cairn
    Create a zen moment with these rock photo holders. These would make a great addition to the office.
    See more at Garden Mama.
  • Driftwood Cottage 14 of 15
    Driftwood Cottage
    If you're taking a late beach trip, toss this idea in the mix. You can create your own cottage in the sand!
    See more at Acorn Pies.
  • Bamboo Wind Chimes 15 of 15
    Bamboo Wind Chimes
    Make your own wind chimes to enjoy this fall. I love the beautiful paintings done on these.
    See the full DIY at Apartment Therapy.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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